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Ritual Abuse
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Ritual Abuse
Note: This topic has been archived.
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Related Subject(s): Ritual abuse ,  Ritual abuse victims
Dewey Code: 616.858369 (362.76)
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Articles 1 - 20

6 October 2002
Call for Policy to Increase Protection for Victims of Ritual Abuse in San Diego, Part II
Part 2 of this outstanding article asking for victim advocacy and change from organizations that work with victims of ritual abuse.

6 October 2002
The European Roots of the Illuminati
This article discusses the true power base of the Illuminati, and how it can impact a survivor in this group.

5 October 2002
Call for Policy to Increase Protection for Victims of Ritual Abuse in San Diego, Part I
Part one of two articles asking for action on the behalf of survivors in San Diego County, from organizations that often receive referrals that address survivor/victim concerns. This is a strong call to action and for much-needed change, and should give hope to every survivor.

3 July 2002
Education Matters: Denial in Dissociation
Denial often plays a crucial role in the dissociative process, and must be addressed for healing to occur. This article discusses denial and how it can be addressed therapeutically.

8 May 2002
Dealing With Threats
*trigger warning: this describes abuse and could be triggering to survivors of cult abuse. Please exercise caution when reading. Dealing with threats is common for those leaving an abusive cult. This articles discusses this topic from a personal perspective.

25 March 2002
Easter in the Cult
**trigger graphic discussion of abuse and a ritual, please do not read without a therapist present**This article discusses how the cult celebrates the Easter season.

7 March 2002
Shadow Government and Mount Pony
**trigger warning: this could be difficult to read if you are a survivor of mind control or abuse.**Carol has graciously allowed her article that discusses events in the northern Virginia area to be published here. There is a lot more going on in the suburbs around Washington, DC than most people realize.

10 February 2002
Your Tax Dollars at Work
Discusses governmental mind control; trigger warning could be difficult for survivors to read.

23 December 2001
Christmas in the Cult
*Trigger warning: article discusses abuse * This article discusses what the Christmas holiday often means to the survivor of generational occult abuse, and how to help.

23 December 2001
Book Review: People of the Lie
This article discusses how the book "People of the Lie" is relevant to the survivor of ritual abuse.

15 November 2001
The End of the Illuminati
*trigger warning: contains strong Christian message and contains Bible verses. This article discusses Biblical prophecy and the end of occult groups.

3 November 2001
A Day in the Life of a Trainer
*Trigger warning: contains graphic description of cult activities. This article discusses a typical day in the life of a cult trainer.

17 October 2001
Dealing With PTSD
PTSD is a common side effect of ritual abuse. Here I discuss what it is, the symptoms, and how it is treated.

30 September 2001
Goessoftly is a retired therapist who has deep compassion for survivors, and shares some thoughts here on how therapists can sometimes unknowingly retraumatize their clients

19 September 2001
Satanic Ritual Abuse: The Evidence Surfaces
**trigger warning: contains some graphic descriptions This is one of the best articles I have ever read on the reality of ritual abuse, with evidence cited that makes disbelief difficult.

11 September 2001
Eating Disorders and Ritual Abuse
This article discusses how ritual abuse and cult programming can predispose survivors to eating disorders. What these disorders are, and what can be done are also covered.

28 August 2001
Prejudice Against Survivors
This article discusses the experiences of prejudice in the community and church that survivors of ritual abuse have undergone.

19 August 2001
Developing Intrasystem Cooperation
This article discusses the process of developing cooperation within a ritual abuse survivor's systems.

29 July 2001
This article by pastor Doug Riggs discusses working with the survivor of ritual abuse from a Christian perspective.

14 July 2001
Maintaining External Safety
A survivor of ritual abuse shares her personal story of staying safe from cult contact, and what she has learned.

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