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Newspaper Party Hats with Aaron
Even if it’s past their bedtime, most children will be eager to, in some way, ring in the New Year. These festive hats, fashioned simply from the morning’s paper, provide an easy and inexpensive solution. In fact, TV stylist Aaron Caramanis, who constructs four different versions on today’s show, learned the technique as a den chief for the Cub Scouts. As he explains, all you’ll need to create four similar hats are our free downloadable templates and a full sheet of a double-folded newspaper that has been evenly folded into quarters.
Turn the folded page horizontally with the folded edge on the far side. As if making a paper airplane, fold the two top corners into the center, creating two triangles, which will serve as the body of the hat. To make the brim, fold the top layer of the bottom edge up halfway to the body. Fold the same edge one more time so that it overlaps the triangles. Turn the hat over, and repeat with the two folds of the bottom edge.
With the hat turned over, bring the outer sides to the center. Fold the bottom edge halfway to the brim of the hat. Fold it once more so that it overlaps the brim of the hat. Tuck the first half into the brim, being careful not to rip the paper.
Follow the previous technique, then fold the tip of the hat straight down the center, and tuck it into the brim.
Follow the previous technique, then open the hat by the brim’s center points. Turn it so that the edges meet in the middle. Fold the top and bottom points into the brim, and open the hat.
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Pirate’s Hat
Bishop’s Hat
Officer’s Hat
Pill-Box Hat
Aaron Caramanis
TV stylist
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