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Census 2001 results for the Hampshire area

Welcome to the Hampshire 2001 Census pages.  On these pages we aim to provide the key statistics that we are most frequently asked to provide for Hampshire.  

The Key Statistics tables for Local Authority areas only were released by the Office for National Statistics on 13 February 2003.  The full set of data and tables for smaller areas have not yet been published.  The timetable for release of further Census data is available on the National Statistics website.

How to use these pages

The tables on these pages can be accessed in two ways.  Choosing a table from the Summary Tables list will show a table for all of the geographic areas covered.  To assist many of our partner organisations whose area of interest extends beyond the Hampshire County Council boundaries, we have provided data for all local authority areas within the Hampshire & Isle of Wight sub-region.   More detailed tables can be found for each area by selecting from the list on the Area Tables page, or by clicking on the area name in the summary tables.  Links to both the Summary Tables and Area Tables can be found in the blue bar at the top of each page.

In addition, commentary has been added for a number of topics - a list of topics can be found on the Summary Tables page, or you can follow the links that appear with the related summary table.

Other information

Hampshire County Council also provides a range of data from other sources, such as business and employment numbers, unemployment, house prices, deprivation indices and earnings.  These can be found on the Hampshire Facts and Figures pages.

NB. Due to differences in the definition of the population, tables from the 2001 Census are not easily comparable to similar tables from the 1991 Census.  The main difference is that in 2001 students were counted at their term-time address, while in 1991 they were counted at their parents' address.  This clearly has a great impact in areas where there are large numbers of students living away from home, and will also have a lesser impact in other areas where students have moved away.  For this reason we have not shown 1991 comparisons at this stage.

If you can't find what you are looking for here, the full range of key statistics published by the Office for National Statistics can be accessed from the Neighbourhood Statistics website.

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