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Introduction to the StoryPaul Martin Inc.Inside Canada Steamship LinesFlags of ConvenienceThe Vanuatu Connection
The Australian ConnectionA Taxing DilemmaPaul Martin TimelineDocuments and ResourcesDiscuss the StoryWatch the Story

Originally Broadcast April 1, 2003 | Watch the story [Real Media]

Disclosure examines how the Martin family has survived and succeeded in the tough and often ruthlessly competitive trade conducted out of sight on the high seas – a world full of tax havens, shell companies and flags of convenience.

Paul Martin Inc.
From his days as a deck hand on a Lake Erie fishing boat, and later as a seaman on ocean-going ships, Paul Martin has long had an affinity for the sailor's life. This is a closer look at Paul Martin's history in the shipping industry.


Inside Canada Steamship Lines

The Canadian sailors climbed aboard Canada Steamship Lines, thinking they too would be part of Paul Martin's grand plans. But for them, the ocean adventure was short-lived. Martin’s plans didn’t include them.


Flags of Convenience
In the international shipping business, the flag you fly determines the wages you pay and the minimum standards you follow. If you lower the Canadian flag and replace it with another country’s, our employment and environmental standards no longer apply.


The Vanuatu Connection
To understand how the world of international shipping works, we went to the other side of the world, to a little known South Pacific paradise called Vanuatu.


The Australia Connection
Four years ago, CSL expanded to Australia. CSL's critics say the company took advantage of an Australian law that allows foreign freighters –and their crews– to work in domestic waters if no domestic ship is available.


A Taxing Dilemma
In 1992, a year before Paul Martin became Finance Minister, Canada Steamship Lines set up five companies in Liberia, Africa, a tax haven of choice in the offshore shipping business.


Paul Martin Timeline
A timeline detailing Paul Martin's dual careers as ship magnate and politician, with links to related news coverage.


Documents and Resources

Links to research, organizations, media coverage and documents Disclosure uncovered while researching this story.


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