United States Army
Malvern Brick & Tile Company


Arriving in Hardin, KY from Arkansas in late July, 2002




In the air at Hardin during the unloading that put the Davenport locomotive onto the tracks of its new home in West Kentucky on July 25, 2002.



After the crane has left, Bill Hale, left, and sons Stuart, center, and Michael, at right, pose with the locomotive they saved and moved from Arkansas to Kentucky for what is expected to be a restoration to serviceable condition and use for switching chores around the Foundation's museum host Hardin Southern Railroad's yard.

The Foundation's Davenport is a twenty-ton gas mechanical, serial number 2360, originally built for the United States Army in July of 1941as number 7707. Placed to work at Camp Holabird, near Baltimore, MD, serving the military during World War II at this major staging and transshipping facility for cargo transfer to ships. Camp Holabird was the main development and procurement facility for all the Army's general purpose vehicles and the base achieved fame as the original home for the testing and development of the fabled Jeep that was pioneered by the American Bantam Car Company and then made famous by Willy's and Ford.

The Davenport locomotive was eventually renumbered into the United States Army Transportation Corps. (USATC) then, when its military career was over, it was sold to the Lion Oil Company as number 1422 at ElDorado, Arkansas. The A. B. Cook Lumber Company next acquired the locomotive for gravel pit duty that led to her long career for the Malvern Brick and Tile Company, where she worked until operations ceased.

Acquired by William K. Robbins, President of the Dardanelle and Russellville Railway, the locomotive was moved to the railroad's shops at Dardanelle, Arkansas for evaluation but was never placed in service. In time it was pushed outside for storage and then in the summer of 2002 Davenport's sixty-one-year-old number 2360 was granted a new lease on life when it was rescued and brought to Hardin, Kentucky.

Since the Davenport's arrival at Hardin work has been concentrated on the external carbody to repaint and then reletter the locomotive to improve the visual impact for our visitors. In time the mechanical condition will be carefully evaluated and hopefully the Cummins engine with which it is now equipped will be brought back to life, a reported transmission difficulty corrected, and after a great deal of fuel, coolant and air brake work the locomotive can once again be operational.

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