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A new website has been created at the request of Order member Bruce Pierce to keep the public informed on updates, news and the legal situations of Order members. This site is a joint project run by a movement organization and a movement record label. Please visit and support the site to learn more about The Order and how you can help them. WWW.FREETHEORDER.COM

Volksfront's First Official European Chapter


Volksfront's first Official unit in Europe is located in Halle-Saale, Germany. Volksfront's new chapter has been and will continue to be extremely active in supporting European Political Prisoners. Volksfront Germany will work with any and all pro-White organizations in Europe. Volksfront Germany will not take a position on existing European inter-movement divisions. VF Deutschland will also be writing regularly for Folk Tribune's new German language section and writing English language news from Germany and Europe. Volksfront Germany may be reached at:

Volksfront Deutschland PO Box 590122
06033 Halle-Saale

or by emailing: VFGermany@yahoo.de

Visit the Volksfront Germany Website: www.Volksfront.de.ms

Volksfront RAC Concert Jan. 25th, 2003
Intimidation One & VF Guest
Volksfront RAC Concert Jan. 25th, 2003
Crowd Shot
Volksfront RAC Concert Jan. 25th, 2003
Crowd Shot
Volksfront RAC Concert Jan. 25th, 2003
Some VF Event Security & Staff
Volksfront RAC Concert Jan. 25th, 2003
Crowd Shot
Volksfront RAC Concert Jan. 25th, 2003
Brian of Aggressive Force
Volksfront RAC Concert Jan. 25th, 2003
Crowd Shot
Rock Against Communism
Jan. 25th, 2003

On Jan. 25th, 2003, VF held a Rock Against Communism event for a VF comrade wrongfully charged with assault for an act of self-defense against an ARA (Anti-Racist Action) terrorist. The show was hastily put together in under a month in order to raise funds for the legal defense of our comrade. With help from comrades in Cut Throat, Intimidation One, Aggressive Force, our friends at Panzerfaust Records and other organizations we were able to pull off a successful event in record time.

The planning began with us contacting local bands to get a decent line-up, our brothers in local bands quickly volunteered their services on a moments notice. With critical sound & stage help from Jason of Intim One we had only to aquire the venue and arrange the logistics.

The day of the event arrived, as usual it was a difficult chore rounding up people and equipment after a long night of band practise the previous evening. We were quickly 2 hours behind schedule but made the venue in time to open the doors to the first arrivals. Sound testing and set-up was finished by 5 pm and the kegs were tapped and flowing.

At 6 pm Cut Throat began their first live appearance and immediately impressed everyone with their sound. For a new band they had an excellent set (although too short) and were very tight and had great stage presense. One of their more notable tunes was "Executioner". Cut Throat's sound has been compared to the Danzig/Misfits genre of music but they still bring a style their own and are definately going to shake up the WP music scene in coming years. Their first CD is due out soon, we guarantee you it is going to be a must have.

Aggressive Force took the stage second, immediately getting a good crowd response with their well known songs "It's Time for War", "White Power Skinheads" and "It's OK to be White". The pit really picked up for Aggressive Force and they are excellent on getting crowd participation and bring people up to sing choruses of well-known songs. They played a great full-length set and really got people in a good mood. Agg Force has a new CD coming out on Panzerfaust shortly, their new material is sure to surpass their previous album.

Portland's own Intimidation One took the final slot and kicked out some great songs and a new duet with Jason and Thora "Middle Europe" an English language Landser cover. Thora has a beautiful voice and German accent and it got a huge crowd response. Expect to be hearing more from Thora soon on upcoming music projects out of Portland. With much crowd pressure we were able to convince Intimidation One's original vocalist to take the stage for a song, "Gang Riot", and it was a blast from the past to see two of the original members live again. They played a great set and really capped off a great evening.

The show wrapped up around 11 pm, fortunately about the same time the kegs went dry. Everyone got home with out incident and their was absolutely no police or anti-White presense during the entire show. Merchandise was donated by Panzerfaust Records who in their usual generous manner donated 150 top name CD's to help raise funds for the legal defense of our comrade. Nearly half sold and the rest were given away to guests along with Panzerfaust Records stickers and business cards. With Panzerfaust's help we were able to cover all costs of the show and raise nearly $700 for the legal defense of our VF brother. With and end turn-out of about 70 we had a good time and raised money for a good cause. We saw many new faces to our growing local scene as well as many old comrades who have been missing in action for the last couple years. With your help we will show the police and their Zionist masters that "SELF DEFENSE IS NO OFFENSE!"

Volksfront would like to thank everyone who helped make this event a success. "T" of N.H.S for the security help. Vancouver, East Side White Pride, "J" of W.H.S. for the security help, the Washington comrades who made the long drive, American Front and all the new faces who were there, we hope to see you again soon...

A very special thanks goes out to Kelly, Anthony and Panzerfaust Records for the generosity above and beyond the call of duty and Jason of Intimidation One for the outstanding sound, set-up and practise help.

Racialist Murdered by Black Scum


Mark Gaudin my comrade and best friend and father to his 5 yr old son Ian was murdered by 3 blacks near his home town of Palestine Texas. Two of the blacks were arrested and confessed and as it looks now he was killed for $6.00 in a robbery as he was working one of his 3 jobs driving a cab for a small town company. I will post the names and info of these savages as soon as it is available. He was really my best friend and I have had very few of those in my life. I know that any time someone dies all you hear is the good. However Mark was truly a good person who would do anything to help a comrade. When the roof caved in on his T shirt shop he never asked me once for help. I told him I would come spend the weekend building him a new roof. Thats what we did. Even though I didnt ask later Mark repayed the favor by building my kids a huge wooden swing set for christmas of 2001. I was once contacted by a Resistance customer who was needing some red braces since Resistance was out and knowing that Mark made them I asked Mark to contact the young man. The customer was getting married and wanted them for him and his best man and the wedding was in 4 days.. Mark rush shipped 2 free pairs of our red braces out to him as a wedding gift. These are just a few examples of how selfless this guy was. Mark to me was as much of a hero as any other. He is as much of a Martyr as any we have had. He was an honest hard working single dad. Holding down 3 jobs to make ends meet. Yet still many times he put his own money into various NA projects, knowing full well that he needed to spend it on car repairs or clothes. He was truly a selfless person. While many who claim to be racial and active find it hard to step away from the computer long enough to get in the street and do anything. Mark was at every NA meeting we have had since he joined except one. Even though he had to drive for 3 hours to get to the meeting in a car that was in no shape to be driven that much. He leaves behind a 5 year old little boy. He was the sole custody parent of Ian who was named after Ian Stuart. Now Ian will have no daddy. Mark moved to Texas from California after his entire family except for his mother had ridiculed him for his beliefs. He moved to what is basically the middle of nowhere. This is a reminder that we can no longer seek higher ground. There are no more white safe zones. The world and our cause especially is much worse off now that Mark is gone. However I ask that you all remember this young man that you probably never met or heard of. I was lucky enough to know him for a few years. I would like to send a special thank you to Leo for recruiting this fine man. If it were not for you handing him that NA card I would have never known him. I would ask that you do what you can to help Marks mother. She is going to be caring for Ian now even though she is in failing health herself however it is the best place for him to be..

Please send donations to

Chris Evans
P.O. Box 902
Keller TX 76244

Please put For Mark. I will see that they get sent to his mother since I dont think she would want her name up here.

Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) Regroups after the illegal arrest of Terre'Blanche


South Africa (BoerStaat) - The AWB has regrouped and is operating full strength in South Africa despite the illegal arrest of AWB Leader Terre'Blanche. Hundreds of White farmers have been recently massacered by Zulus and ANC supporters in the last year. The AWB has set up a new web page and contact info. Please visit their site and support their fight for a White Homeland at http://www.awb.co.za/english.htm.

Nigger "Leader" Threatens Whites in Zimbabwe


HARARE, ZIMBABWE - President Robert Mugabe threatened retribution against the white population of Zimbabwe on Friday, suggesting they were working with Britain, the former colonial power, to sabotage his government. Mugabe accused the British of leading an international campaign to isolate Zimbabwe and recruit support for his opponents inside his country. "The more they work against us, the more they express hostility against us, the more negative we shall become to their kith and kin here," Mugabe said at the opening of his ruling party's annual convention.

Southern California Law Enforcement Concoct Charges Against the Aryan Baby Drive


Defense Fund
PO Box 3634
Costa Mesa, CA

or PayPal via: sigrun@gmx.li

LA Times November 20, 2002
For Supremacists, the Heat's Been Turned Up
In today's climate of fear, authorities are clamping down harder on white power groups.

By Jeff Gottlieb and Christine Hanley, Times Staff Writers

Police say the suspects had razor blades and 50 gallons of gasoline to make bombs with, SS uniforms and replica cans of the gas the Nazis used in their death camps. [Oh! God forbid people should have these things] The arrests this week of the two suspects -- plus another man -- with links to white supremacy groups reflects authorities' heightened concerns about such organizations, though experts say most of their activities are geared less toward violence than pushing their message of hate. Although violent hate crimes committed by members of groups such as Aryan Nations are relatively infrequent, the organizations are aggressively courting supporters. The Costa Mesa-based Aryan Baby Drive provides food, clothing and other supplies to poor white racist families.

The Southern California Aryan Nations Web site features audio links to "Music for White Kids." A Ku Klux Klan group held a concert last weekend in Lake Elsinore, and the Aryan Nations tried -- but failed -- to throw a party in La Habra earlier this year for Hitler's birthday. Law enforcement and hate-crime experts said the groups are small, with interlocking memberships. But there are probably hundreds of sympathizers who participate in their activities. "These are very tiny groups that are given attention way out of proportion to their numbers because their message is so odious," said Rusty Kennedy, chairman of Orange County's Human Relations Commission. The three extremists arrested Monday -- one Long Beach man, an Anaheim woman and her boyfriend -- face various charges including perjury and owning bomb-making materials. Law enforcement officials said the crackdown was meant in part to discourage others from joining the groups. "I hope this would have a chilling effect on those who might have some misperception about the legitimacy of these extremist groups, to chill their sense of wanting to act on their ill-placed hatred," said Nicholas S. Thompson, the Orange County deputy district attorney in charge of tracking terrorism. He said his office stepped up surveillance of white supremacists after the Sept. 11 attacks. More recently, he said, surveillance was intensified because of worry that Palestinian-Israeli violence might encourage racists to attack Jews. Authorities have no evidence of plots by local extremists. But a letter discovered in the Long Beach apartment of one suspect, John Frederick Steele II, talks of teaming up with Palestinians against the U.S. and Jews.

Joyce Greenspan, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, said Steele was trying to recruit people at an event on the Queen Mary in Long Beach this summer not by proposing violence but by appealing to racism. ["by NOT proposing violence" Hello is any body home?] Greenspan said racist and anti-Semitic leaflets have cropped up in recent months at a movie theater parking lot in Fullerton and in Tustin. E-mail invitations to the Church of Israel in Stanton were sent out saying: "We're all separatists so no blacks, jews, or hippies allowed." Greenspan said the clear aim of these and other campaigns is to recruit younger members. "I am just concerned about this kind of information feeding individuals who are looking for excuses and places to blame," she said. Brian Levin, director of Cal State San Bernardino's Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, said that only 5% to 10% of hate crimes are committed by members of white supremacist groups but that they commit the most violent assaults. Although recruiting appears to be the primary focus today, authorities said they fear that extremists might become frustrated and resort to violence in the future. Los Angeles Police Lt. Adam Bercovici, who tracks racist groups, cited the example of Buford O. Furrow, a neo-Nazi who wounded five people, at a San Fernando Valley Jewish center and killed a Philippine American postman. Bercovici said an intelligence source told police that Steele was frustrated and might be getting ready to take violent action. And Thompson, the Orange County prosecutor, said Steele appeared to be casing L.A.'s Museum of Tolerance. In Orange County, authorities this week charged Christine Greenwood and her boyfriend, John Patrick McCabe, with having bomb-making materials in their Anaheim apartment. They also had BBs, razor blades and 16-penny nails that could be used as shrapnel, police said. [What about the latest 'Hobby and Craft' women are picking up on, and it's not sewing, it's using power tools. Does this make them terriorests?] The material was discovered during a search of the apartment in 1999. McCabe was on probation for a hate crime. It was not until after the Sept. 11 attacks that authorities turned their emphasis to terrorism, and the Orange County Probation Department took the information about the bomb-making materials to the district attorney's office, authorities said. Steele was charged with perjury and falsifying documents related to financial statements he was required to give his probation officer. He was on probation for assault with a deadly weapon that was not classified as a hate crime. [Hate crime, not classified hate crime...?] He pleaded not guilty Tuesday in Orange County Superior Court. His bail was set at $50,000. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Nov. 27. Greenwood is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

The three were involved in a variety of racist groups. Greenwood was a member of Women for Aryan Unity and founder of the Aryan Baby Drive. She and McCabe were active with Blood and Honour, which promotes racist rock music. Steele was higher in the white supremacist leadership. He was head of the state chapter of Aryan Nations and was involved with the KKK and the National Alliance, Bercovici said. Steele refused to tell his probation officer the whereabouts of four guns of which he is the registered owner, Thompson said. Steele said only that he gave the guns to his friends and that they would be found when the Aryan Nations "goes to war" against the American government and the Jews, the prosecutor added.

Kindred... A Sister of the movement whose is known to most as Christine and is also known as the single force behind the Aryan Baby Drive, is now in serious trouble. She has become the victim of an over-zealous Democratic majority that has just recently taken the votes in California. You can read about this witchunt being conducted by our federal government at the link below... http://www.latimes.com/news....Dorange With the upcoming signing of the Homeland Security Act by president George W. (Lapdog) Bush we can all expect similar treatment... Christine has reached out to so many and has selflessly devoted her time to our Aryan children. Now she needs our help. What is being asked is that the word be spread and that you let as many people know as possible. She is a dedicated friend of the survival of our people. If she is convicted of these charges that stem from an incident that is two years old conducted by a government that admits that this is a witchunt for Aryan Brethren, this will indeed be a great blow to our people. Please read the article and you will see the blatant lies and gross negligence of the truth. If you can make a donation please send what you can to...

Defense Fund
PO Box 3634
Costa Mesa, CA

Please Be Generous
Thank You

WOMAN ARRESTED FOR ENCOURAGING 'WHITE BABY DRIVE' Posted By: Rixon Date: Saturday, 23 November 2002, 3:07 p.m. Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas [LSN: Who is Jewish] was engaged in the battle of his life to keep his office. In order to do so he did a sweep of what he called white supremacist targets. His sweep gained him national coverage and the display he used to show the nation how dangerous white supremacists are is as follows: Four folding tables were lined up in a row. A book, titled "Did 6 million really die?", sat on one table (I hope you revisionists out there are paying attention). A black leather jacket, modeled after an SS uniform was on another table. On the third table was a replica of a can of Zyklon B. Behind this dramatic foreground, the Orange County district attorney announced the arrest of two people suspected of being leaders of white supremacy groups. One of the arrested leaders was a woman from the "Women for Aryan Unity" which is believed to have several hundred members in Orange County and Los Angeles County. This woman made headlines with the "Aryan Baby Drive." A program, I believe, to encourage the adoption of white orphan babies by white couples. Now here are the grounds on the arrest of this woman. They found razor blades and nails in her house and the DA claims those are all items with which you can make a bomb. With the passage of the Patriot Act, it has become a piece of cake to arrest people on charges like this. Heavy involved in this sweep was Joyce Greenspan, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League. It gets much worse, because the National Aryan Baby Drive raises money to supply food, clothing and other items to poor white families. Greenspan alleges that these poor white families are all families who subscribe to white- supremacist views. One of the other alleged white supremacist leaders was arrested also for possessing bomb making materials, which were found a year ago in his apartment complex. Now get this: The reason he was not arrested until now is because the Patriot Act had not been passed. District Attorney Tony Rackauckas says he will use this as an example for all those who try to throw their allegiance to racist causes. Checking deeper into the issue, it turns out that the investigators stole hundreds of pieces writings, books, and "Nazi artifacts." One of these writings was interpreted by the authorities as a sympathetic letter to Islamic terrorist groups with anti-Semitic feelings and was the base for the raid and the arrest. Three altogether have been arrested, including the woman, and bail has been set at $100,000 each. It turns out that they cannot prove any illegal or criminal activities, even when talking to neighbors and other residents in the area. These arrests and crackdown have been solely made possible because of the Patriot Act. Here are a few important notes. The first table display was the book "Did 6 million really die?" Anyone amongst my audience who does not have that book? I do! The third table included a replica of a Zyclon B can. I have several pictures of Zyclon B cans. The other table had a leather jacket on it that supposedly was SS style. So what? On one hand the prosecutor accuses them of white supremacy and on the other hand they allege that they were corresponding with Islamic extremists, who are anti-Semitic. Now, if this is not an indication of what's to come, then I don't know what else to say. A good friend suggested to me today what we need is a security conference of all of us, and find solutions on how to protect each other from the things to come. We need to have measures in place that enable anyone who has to endure this kind of harassment and violation of their constitutional rights, to take advantage of it. I agree with my friend. With the passage of Homeland Security and the combination of the Patriot Act, anyone can be defined as a terrorist. The Orange County District Attorney openly stated that he doesn't care about freedom of speech. He says that these racial hatreds are beyond freedom of speech. Anyone, please! Walter F. Mueller

Operation Break the Chains **ALERT**


(From Anthony at Panzerfaust Records)

Operation Break the Chains has been an incredible success thanks to the support of groups like Volksfront, NHS, EHS, CHS, and Aryan Nations along with BFG and all the bands on the Panzerfaust label, and of course all the great supporters in the international musical fan base (YOU the customers!). We have raised and sent thousands of dollars overseas to help politically persecuted prisoners. The cd "Comrades Till the End" was BFG�s contribution and we encourage you to purchase this outstanding fundraising disc. Thousands have also been raised for some very important federal prisoners who have been illegally kept in prison, violating a congressional decision. With the funds raised by all the above mentioned parties we have raised thousands of dollars for a lawyer to represent them in a class action suit. We will be announcing more but for now a big "Thank You!" for all for your support. Customer support, musicians and the above mentioned groups have been invaluable.

We are now in a position to announce who some of these Federal Prisoners are. One of the POWS is Bruce Pierce Of The Order, and if the case is won in federal court it could lead to the release of other Order members as well as Yori Von Kahl.

A recent letter from Bruce reads as follows:

�In October 1984 Congress enacted a Law granting all pre-November 1st 1987 Federal Inmates release from incarceration within their guidelines. It went into effect as positive law November 1st 1987. However on December 7th 1987 Congress enacted another law that the parole commission has been unlawfully applying to pre November 1 1987 inmates. Therein lies our struggle. The Bruderschweigen should have been released from Federal custody years ago and we need your financial assistance in securing our release�

Some have told me that we are wasting our time but I do not agree. These men have not been given one decent chance to get justice and all of us now can give them that chance. If we give so much lip service and hails in our music to THE ORDER then the least we can do is give these great men one shot at freedom.

�Anthony has not only my full faith and confidence in the �Help Free the Bruderschweigen" project, but he is a close personal friend who has earned both my respect and trust�

God, Race, Truth,
- Bruce C. Pierce
Der Bruderschweigen

Bruce C. Pierce
# 04181085
P.O. Box 1000
Leavenworth, KS
66048-1000 USA

Please make any checks and money orders out to:

Victory Media Inc.
P.O. Box 163
Newport, MN
55055 USA

With your help we can help to free the Bruderschweigen!

Temple Beth Israel Congregation Member in Eugene Threatens Volksfront Members with Death


The following email from "Yitzak Rabinn" was received by us today at 2:25 pm, who's email address is proudhebrew@yahoo.com.

The email is titled "Die Nazis"

"Nazi's hurt our temple, now we will destroy you! One guitly all guilty! Oct. 27, 2002 THROWN ROCKS DAMAGE TEMPLE, Register Guard -Proud Hebrew"

We suggest this moronic KIKE think twice before threatening us over an act we publically condemned... WE ARE NOT THE PALESTINIANS AND YOU DON'T HAVE A F-16 TO LAUNCH MISSILES FROM A MILE AWAY...

We have logged the sender IP Address and are pursuing charges for racial intimidation. Temple Beth Israel, located at 42 West 25th Ave. Eugene, Oregon 97405 (541) 485-7218, was recently alledgedly vandalized by half-a-dozen youth who pelted the synagogue with swastika carved rocks. While we condemn the rock throwing we also we will not tolerate threats from violent Zionist criminals who obviously are members of Temple Beth Israel.

Ken Mieske Benefit CD Available through VF


Martyrdom Volume One released by Upfront Records is now available for purchase through this site for $13.00 including postage. It is a benefit for Political Prisoner Ken Mieske who was convicted in 1988 of killing an Ethiopian drug-addict in Portland, Oregon. Ken is under continual financial pressure and needs your support.

Please note neither VF nor Upfront Records are making any profits off this CD in any manner. The **ONLY** other authorized distributor of this CD at the moment is Panzerfaust Records.

1. Jew Slaughter "The Order"
2. Viking "Tarar I Helsingborg"
3. Intimidation One "Urban Decay"
4. Jew Slaughter "This Burning Hatred"
5. Rhoenwacht "Bohl's Bar"
6. Viking "If You Were Here"
7. Jew Slaughter "Fuck Morris Dees"
8. Intimidation One "UDA Arise"
9. Rhoenwacht "Kreuzberglied"
10. Viking "Jag Ar Inte Radd"
11. Jew Slaughter "Free Ken Mieske"

Folk Tribune Fall Issue Out Now!


The Fall Issue of Folk Tribune Magazine is pressed and mailed. Our mailing has nearly doubled in recent months, in part thanks to advertisement by Tightrope.cc . We are proud to announce we are now reaching 48 states, except Hawaii and North Dakota, and every European country but Portugal and Luxembourg. Although Folk Tribune is now free thanks to help from Upfront Records and the Northwest Folk Alliance, it still operates at a severe loss so if you read and like it please donate what you can to keep the movement's ONLY FREE magazine growing. Our subscriptions now are nearing 700 persons world-wide! Every copy of this issue we pressed was mailed so it already out of stock. For your free subscription for the Winter Issue please email Volksfront Oregon HERE with your mailing address. Donations can be sent to the Volksfront Main Office PO BOX in blank money order or well concealed cash.

National Alliance's Glibbit Dismisses Billy Roper



As part of the National Alliance's increasing efforts to distance itself from other White organizations, Billy Roper, the group's deputy membership coordinator, was fired yesterday morning. roper had been instrumental in organizing the ever-growing multi-organizational protests at both the German and Israeli embassies in Washington, D.C., and most recently the march of over 500 White Nationalists to the nation's Capitol in August, all of which were followed by white Power concerts. While Dr. Pierce, the Alliance's deceased leader, allowed Roper's activities, there was disagreement as to whether Skinheads and members of other organizations, such as the Church of the Creator, should be invited to participate. This is reflected in a recent report put out by the Southern Poverty Law Center, who apparently infiltrated an Alliance leadership conference in April with a tape recorder. Below is an excerpt from the SPLC report, the complete text of which can be read HERE

Gliebe [Head of Resistance Records and National Alliance's new chairman] had also shown himself intensely loyal to Pierce, who viewed him as a son. That was made apparent once more at an April 20 �leadership conference� held at the compound, during which Pierce gave his last speech. While some Alliance members were taken aback by Pierce�s fierce attack on the �defective people� who make up other hate groups, Gliebe was not among them. Following Pierce to the podium of this highly secretive gathering, Gliebe launched into a harangue about the �morons� and �hobbyists� who inhabit other groups and sometimes even manage to slip into the Alliance. �We have a great opportunity to really shape the future of our struggle and task at hand,� Gliebe barked, �and to totally wipe out this make-believe world otherwise known as �the movement.� As most of you know, there is no movement, although quite a few people out there think there may be.� Pierce returned to the podium to pound that message home to the 80 members who had been invited, many of whom had never met Pierce and were being vetted for possible larger roles in the future. �To sum up,� Pierce told them, �the Alliance has no interest at all in the so-called �movement.� We�re not interested in uniting with the movement, and we�re not interested in competing with the movement for members. If anything, we should be grateful that the movement is out there to soak up a lot of the freaks and weaklings who otherwise might find their way into the Alliance and make problems for us. In this regard, I was sorry to note Aryan Nations and the [World] Church of the Creator [the two other major neo-Nazi groups in America] have, for all practical purposes, died in the last few weeks. I hope one or two replacement groups spring up to draw away from us the defectives.� That kind of sneering analysis � which will come as a rude shock to the many hate groups that sent their condolences over Pierce�s death � was not shared by all in the National Alliance. Billy Roper, in particular, has worked hard to build alliances with the very groups Pierce and Gliebe despised. Roper brought racist Skinheads and other �white nationalists� to Alliance-sponsored rallies and even joined them in the streets of York, Pa., where they battled hundreds of anti-racists last Jan. 12. That did not sit well with Pierce. �There was this unity thing in the air for a while back at the beginning of the year,� Pierce said at the April conference, �this idea that the freaks and sieg-heilers could somehow be a benefit to us, especially if we got in street fights with the Jews and reds and blacks. � We are not strong enough at this time to effectively fight in the streets against the kind of opposition that could have been anticipated in York. � We don�t do that sort of thing.�

While this attitude on the part of Alliance leadership has been well known for years, most people chose to continue to support the Alliance's efforts in the name of the very "Movement unity" that was scorned by the N.A. Roper has indicated an interest in continuing to organize rallies and foster increased cooperation between pro-White organizations and individuals. This strikes me as a more efficient division of labor than currently exists, and should benefit everyone involved. The National Alliance has never expressed a desire to become a large organization and judging from the above quotes does not actually want some of the members that it currently has. If the N.A. does not want to participate in demonstrations and concerts, it can only benefit from other groups that will "soak up" those who do. The Alliance has every right to run itself however it likes, and they believe they can be more effective by being small and elite, although their ability to continue to market White Power CDs to the same Skinheads they refer to as "freaks and weaklings" and "drunken Sieg Heilers" is going to require some interesting damage control efforts. A purely commercial enterprise can be expected to lie to it's customers and exaggerate the effectiveness of it's product in order to increase sales and encourage "brand loyalty," but in this case the "product" being marketed is Racial Survival, and requires more than a duplicitous sales strategy. Their are European countries the size of some of our states with more racial activists than all of the American organizations combined, which tells me that there is a lot of work to do here, and plenty of people to do it with. There are qualities that make one a good follower and there are qualities that make a good leader, and the ability to recognize under which category you fall will make your life easier. Personally I don't think I have enough of either quality to warrant my expending too much energy trying to be either, so I guess I'm content just being a jackass with a website whose opinions may or may not be worth two shits. In any case, if joining a group is your thing, find one whose platform and direction you identify with and support it. If creating an organization is your thing, find members who you identify with and support them.

Aryan Prisoners' Family Yuletide Fund


Women for Aryan Unity run two Aryan Prisoner Clubs online, and from the various discussions we have had with all involved, most fathers and mothers on the inside are unable to send their children gifts at yuletide. A few of our kin have had to get help from organizations that lump them alongside non whites who also need help at yuletide, so the women of WAU have decided to change this for Yuletide 2002. What we hope to do is start a Yuletide Fund, the purpose of this fund is to send Aryan Prisoners children gifts on behalf of their incarcerated mothers or fathers; I personally have dealt with this situation, so I know what it is like to have your dad not be there with you and your family at Yuletide. We are going to need the help and support of many people to get this fund up and running, we are going to have a raffle in hopes to raise Funds, we need people to offer prizes, it could be a book or a cd � t-shirts etc. anything that would make a worthwhile prize, we also need folk to help us sell the tickets, the tickets cost $2 if you can help with either of the above email WAU HQS for more information. So far we have received two prizes for the raffle and another sister has offered us $100 in toy vouchers for the children of our imprisoned kin, we are overjoyed at this wonderful start, we need to raise at least $500 in order to make this a success� So please pass this information onto folk you think can help, we owe it to our prisoners to help them when they need it, they shouldn�t have to rely on folk who aren�t even part of our movement to support them, but that seems to be the norm these days, it�s time to put a stop to it, we owe it to them and the children they left behind.

WAU New York

WAU Missouri

In Sisterhood
WAU Staff
WAU Website
Securing Our Future One Child At A Time�.



The only authorized address for Volksfront business has been changed. All other boxes have been shut down. All mail for the California Chapter, Eugene and Portland must be sent to the following address:

P.O. BOX 66731

The former box is no longer in use. The Salem PO Box is also no longer valid.

Imperium Records

New Band "PUREBLOOD" to be released on Imperium Records


Members of Pureblood have been playing in various different bands for a number of years and in one way or another have a proven track record. Rob on drums started his playing days with the original No Remorse many years ago and is now playing with Legion Of St. George. Charlie on vocals was the singer with the punk band Another Mans Poison a few years back and also carved out a name for himself playing guitar with a few Nationalist bands. Graham on guitars has played in bands such as Thunderbolt, Warlord, Spearhead and of course Avalon. Completing the Pureblood line up is a new female vocalist whose contribution to Pureblood will be her first. This CD will not be our last. Whilst we hope that we will be allowed to work with Imperium Records on a regular basis we do not rule out other options. As most people know, Imperium/ Thule Publications work for the good of others within the cause. They do not bleed the cause for the benefit of their own pockets and give more than they receive. It was this criteria that attracted Pureblood to contact them. It is this criteria that we will look for when others ask us to work for them. THE DAYS OF THE TAKERS ARE LIMITED

Volksfront Flag Issue:


We have received numerous emails, both positive and negetive regarding our dispute over the National Alliance's use of our flag. After trying every avenue we have been unable to resolve it with National Alliance's leadership in a manner which was not completely disgraceful to VF, despite admission by NA we had used the flag one year prior to them. In the interests of moving on since it is becoming a divisive issue, we have informed NA's national office we will have no further dealing with them in any fashion. This does not reflect on the good people in NA whom we regard highly. Individual NA members are still welcome to attend our functions and we still consider many friends. However, no NA or Resistance booths of banners will be again allowed our events. This is our last statement on the issue, to those who sent supportive comments, thank you.

Activist of the Year:

Sigrdrifa's Sara of 'Far Above Rubies' Christian Identity Magazine

By a close vote Sara of Sigrdrifa received the most Volksfront votes for the annual Activism Award. The plaque is being made soon. Sara is an example to us all what one dedicated and selfless person can accomplish. Please support Sara and her magazine by visiting Sigrdrifa's site.
Sigrdrifa / Far Above Rubies Website

Northwest Hammerskins Present:

-Saturday, July 6th-

Max Resist

Final War

Intimidation One

Jew Slaughter

and straight from the Fatherland: RADIKAHL! contact for more info: Intimidation One

or phone: (206) 293 2467

~$20.00 donation at the door. Proceeds forwarded to EHS Rick for legal defense~

2002 Activism and Honor Award

In order to promote the true heroes of our movement VF annualy gives a activism and dedication award to outstanding activists. Until this year this award has been presented locally. Former honorees include Thule Publications, a VF President and a Security Volunteer from NHS. This award is not an ego-stroke but an attempt to recognize those true modern day heroes who give above and beyond to the cause of White freedom and self-determination. Current nominees and votes as of 5-18-02 are:

Sara- Sigrdrifa "Far Above Rubies" Identity magazine editor- 21 votes
Christine- Aryan Baby Drive/B&H-; 7 votes
Tom Metzger- W.A.R.- 11 votes
Matt Hale- WCOTC- 1 vote
Anthony- Panzerfaust Records- 4 votes

The recipient of this award will be flown to our Rudolph Hess Memorial August 17th at our cost and presented the marble award publically during the Memorial Concert. Thanks to all who have participated in this award for honoring the true unsung heroes who work tirelessly everyday to secure a future for our folk.

Upfront Records New Titles

Upfront Records is now up and running, with over 30 titles at unbeatable prices. With titles like Stonehammer, Axis and Vinland Warriors you are sure to find something for every taste from Oi!, metal to folk ballads. Our selection includes an outstanding selection of foreign titles as well. The Ken Mieske Benefit CD is still on going and should be out in under 6 weeks. Bands on the Ken Mieske Benefit include, Intimidation One, Definate Hate, Warfare 88, Final War and J Slaughter. For more info on Upfront Records visit: Upfront Records (www.upfrontrecords.org)





1. The Democratic Peoples Party Registration.

2.Live Register cut off date

3.Private Update Ireland

Over the last 6 weeks the Democratic Peoples Party have attempted to become Irelands first registered Racially Patriotic Political Party.To do so they had to obtain 150 members and 150 supporters.Thanks to the efforts of many of you this was achieved since then however the Government in the guise of the Dail Erieann have continued to erect barriers of their own creation and 'pulled up carrots' right left and centre.The DPP have even had to have their membership figures verified and audited by a Lawyer and a chartered accountant something no other registered Political Party has had to do.Apparently the 'Bought and Paid for' are exempt as they registered prior to January 1st 2002 ( Very convenient ).

The current situation reflects the typical corruption one finds at the Heart of the Government,the original specification for registration made no mention of personal approval from the Attorney General.Guess what the latest 'carrot' is for the DPP ? . Personal approval by the Attorney General,Lol. However he was absent from the office Thursday and Friday the 11th and 12th of April.Granted some of this stonewalling has to do with the inertia all Civil Servants deploy when dealing with something as radical as registration for a Racially Patriotic Political Party such as the DPP,so they have 'kicked it upstairs'.However just as likely is the possibility that the Civil Servants Boss at the Dail Erieann the Attorney General himself has ordered the stonewalling.Regardless of whom or what is responsible the Dail Erieann have assured the Principles of the DPP that confirmation will be forthcoming by the 16th of April 2002.Failure to issue the seals of Registration will result in the DPP issuing a writ of 'Mandamus' via the Supreme Court which will reveal the 'Position of Truth' i.e. precisely who is holding up the registration and why.Activists are also planning to carry out demonstrations and other 'Activities' directed at those responsible for this 'rotten borough' type shenanigans.All who are interested in assisting in this are urged to contact me at the return address.

To vote or stand in the election you must be on the Live Register a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the election date as the 'Bought and Paid for' are likely to call the election at the earliest possible time in May to prevent anymore 'Malloy' type incidents all those eligible are urged to get onto the Live Register ASAP.

Private Update Ireland is available only to members of the 'Black Badge'



by Hector Carreon

La Voz de Aztlan http://www.aztlan.net

Los Angeles, Alta California - November 7, 2001 - (ACN) The Red Cross of America use to be a venerable and much respected organization until Zionist Bernadine Healy was appointed its national president at $450, 000 dollars a year salary on September 1, 1999. Since her appointment and as a true Zionist , she has been adamant about forcing the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to officially recognize the Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross known as Magen David Adom (MDA). The MDA uses a red "Star of David" with a globe of the earth, in the center, as its symbol instead of the well known red cross. Her single minded Zionist mission and her withholding of administrative dues to the ICRC has now resulted in a confidential request for her resignation. She has now resigned her position and will stay as president until December 31 of this year.

This is not all! On Tuesday, congressional lawmakers sharply criticized the outgoing president for not distributing the money raised in a special terrorism response fund to the families of victims in the September 11 attacks. Healy set up the Liberty Fund, which has raised $564 million, to respond to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Only a small token percentage has actually been committed to aid the families of the victims, many who are families of the New York Police Department and New York Fire Department personnel who were killed in the disaster. There is more than $400 million dollars unaccounted for. Whether any of this missing money will be diverted to Israel is unknown.

At a Congressional hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Committee's oversight panel, lawmakers said the American public responded so generously because they believed all of their donations would directly benefit those harmed in the terrorist attacks. The patriotic flag waving Americans were lied to. It is very sad that the American public continues to be deceived by Zionists. The sophisticated and powerful Zionist machine is not only sucking billions per year in military aid to Israel, but is also sucking millions through deception and chicanery. Two widows who lost their husbands in the World Trade Center attacks described for lawmakers, in tears, the bureaucratic maze and cruelty by the Red Cross when attempting to get some help. A tearful Elizabeth McLaughlin, of Pelham, N.Y., said she has had to construct an 18-page spreadsheet just to keep track of the different aid requirements as she cares for her nine-month-old son. ``I don't think contributors to the Red Cross Liberty Fund thought that their donations would be caught up in so much red tape and become a source of frustration to suffering families,'' McLaughlin said.

In addition, it looks like Healy "put on a show" when requesting "blood' from patriotic Americans. All the "images" on television of people donating blood was good for business but it was apparently over done. The Red Cross had to dump gallons of it because it decayed. The "show" was good only for propaganda and to fool the American people to think that life giving blood would soon save the day. Did Healy care? No, because she was counting the millions that were being sent by hard working patriotic Americans. "Let the blood decay . . . its the money that counts" is what probably went through her mind!

La Voz de Aztlan made some calculations on how long it would take five little old ladies on social security sending $12 dollars per month to the Red Cross just to pay Zionist Healy's salary of $450,000 per year. It would take the five little old ladies 625 years just to pay her salary. That is 6.26 centuries. We will not attempt to calculate how long it will take to make up the $400 million that is unaccounted for!

Major questions we should all ask ourselves are, "What does the American Red Cross have to do with Zionist Israel and the Magen David Adom?" When you give to the American Red Cross, do you want some of that money to go for support of Israel? Do you know that already over $3 billion per year of your tax money is going to Israel in the form of military aid?

The resignation of Zionist Bernadine Healy was only to appease the critics. There are more Zionists in the American Red Cross Board of Governors. The Board has , after the resignation of Bernadine Healy, already reaffirmed its existing policy of pressuring, through the withholding of $9 million dollars in administrative dues and other tactics, the International Federation of the Red Cross to include the Israeli Magen David Adom with its red "Star of David" as a member. Why doesn't the American Red Cross request the Magen David Adom to use the Red Cross instead of the red "Star of David"? Better yet, why doesn't the American Red Cross just stay out of politics and do what it is suppose to do? The answer is that, just like many other institutions and government agencies, it is now under Zionist domination and is now just another tool for the advancement of their international agenda.


Richard Scutari Appeal Continues!

Richard's appeal is far from over and his freedom needs your assistance! Please continue to give to the Scutari Legal Fund. $1350.00 has been raised to assist Scutari to date with your help! Sadly $750 in retainer fees was stolen by Thomas Henry Irwin a so called "White Civil Rights" attorney from Kentucky. Please read what Scutari wrote concerning this thief:

Thomas Henry Irwin White Rights Attorney or Rip Off Artist?

Recently, there has been a posting on the Internet concerning a so-called White rights attorney by the name of Thomas Henry Irwin and his dealings with me. I am writing this missive to explain the situation so that others of our Folk can avoid being ripped off by this con artist; A con artist who is preying on people from the Racial movement who find themselves behind the wire and unable to properly respond to his thieving.

Irwin was hired by Kinfolk of the Sigrdrifa and Volksfront organizations to assist me in filing a writ of habeas corpus on the 15-year hit the parole commission gave me. The parole commission used the Berg murder in Denver and elements from the Ft. Smith sedition trial in order to deny me parole. Every knowledgeable Racist is familiar with these two trials so I won't go into them other than to say that I was found not guilty by a jury at each of these trials. The parole commission is barred by their own rules and court decisions from using these acquittals against me. I have a good shot at beating the 15-year hit.

The Sigrdrifa and Volksfront organizations held a fundraiser or two and sent Irwin a $750 retainer to start the ball rolling. Irwin talked to me on the phone for about 30 minutes and received three letters from me. Enclosed in these three letters were copies of all the legal research I put together on the issues (all of which was Shepardized to make sure it was current law), a request for Irwin to follow up on a Freedom of Information Act request I had made, and copies of numerous documents pertaining to the issues. I requested the documents be returned to me, which Irwin has never done, nor did he ever follow up on my freedom of information request to the parole commission. In fact, he never even gave me the courtesy of letting me know he received my letters, although he did tell others he received them. Because I never heard from Irwin, I sent him a certified letter firing him and requesting that he not only return my documents, but also that he return the $750 retainer le! ss the cost of the one phone call we had. He has never returned the documents and his response about the $750 was that it did not even cover the phone call or the three letters he received from me. I have in my possession, an item signed by Irwin wherein he states - "White civil rights cases I normally virtually give away - at the hourly rate of $50 an hour." You do the math. The phone call was less than a half hour. It took him maybe 5 minutes to read each of the letters I sent him. If he bothered to look up the cases I sent him, which I doubt he did, well, I could do it in less than an hour in an open population prison's law library. Irwin could do it in 15 minutes on a computer. The most he could have spent on my case is two hours, which at $50 an hour comes to $100.

Since my dealings with Irwin, I have learned of two Kinsmen from the Racial movement, Henry Baird and Brian Neilson, are on trial (if it is not over yet) in New Jersey for some kind of hate crime violation. These Kinsmen paid Irwin a $3,000 retainer. Because Irwin was not licensed to practice law in N.J. he was required to file a motion requesting to be permitted to represent our two Kinsmen. When the court denied this motion, Irwin apparently lose interest in the case. When our two Kinsmen went a while without hearting from Irwin, they became concerned. This caused them to make several phone calls to Irwin, only to be given the run around. They fired him and attempted to get the remainder of their retainer back. They were told by Irwin that the $3,000 retainer did not even begin to cover what he had done for them which, other than to lose one simple motion and lie to them on the phone, amounted to nothing.

I found out Irwin was affiliated with the I.K.A. in Kentucky and was scheduled to speak at the next Nordic Fest. Upon learning of this, I write to Rob Edwards, the leader of the I.K.A. and explained the situation to him. Ron did the honorable thing, and investigated the situation for himself. From what I now understand, Irwin will not be a speaker at the Nordic Fest nor is he any longer affiliated with the I.K.A. I salute Ron Edwards for his support on this issue, support which will help prevent other of our Folk from being ripped off by Irwin.

I do not know how many others of our Folk Irwin has ripped off. It is my hope that this warning gets wide coverage so that he does not rip off anyone else. For those of you who want to hear Irwin's side of things, or want to express your opinion to him, he can be reached at: 9017 Bingham Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40242. Telephone: (502) 425-0553 or email: flqp78@msn.com.

14 Words, Richard Scutari Bruder Schweigan POW

Avoid Thomas Henry Irwin at all costs. Volksfront is the legally notorized organization with limited power of attorney to handle Richard's appeal and legal costs. With your continued support, WE WILL FREE RICHARD SCUTARI!


Israel Continues Illegal Occupation of Palestine

Palestinians continue to suffer at the hands of Israeli Defense Forces. Since the massacre in Jenin of at least one hundred Palestinian non-combatants Israel has occupied three more Palestinain villages in the West Bank. Israel has defied over 6 UN Resolutions calling for a Palestinian state free from occupation since 1948! For more information on the plight of the Palestinian people please visit these websites:

Palestine Center

Law Society

Palestine Info

Palestine History

The Palestinian people, like ours, are fighting Zionist racism and oppression. Please support LEGAL Palestinian efforts to achieve a free homeland without Israeli terror and occupation!



A kinsman from the Eastern Hammerskins has been charged with 4 counts of aggravated assault from the recent York, PA, gathering. This kinsman was leaving the area when a frenzied mob of communists and anarchists in ski masks assaulted his truck breaking several windows, spraying pepper mace into the cab and trying to stab him. This brother then hit the gas attempting to leave the scene, running over 4 of the communist scum, perhaps because he couldn't see due to the pepper spray. The local court system in York are looking to crucify any of the White activists they can, unless this brother gets a decent attorney it is sure that the legal system will use him as a whipping boy to pacify the defeated anarchist-communist syndicate. To help or donate online click here ----->LEGAL DEFENSE FUND





York, PA - A coalition of European-American groups defeated the Marxist-Terrorist Collective known as the Anti-Racist Action. A rally held by Church of the Creator, Eastern Hammerskins, National Alliance, WAR and Aryan Nations drew over 200 pro-White activists to York, Pennsylvania to a speaking engagement by Reverened Matt Hale of Church of the Creator.

Over 30 ARA members of the terrorist ARA were arrested, and several dozen were treated for injuries from the several street altercations in which ARA suffered heavily, including losing several flags banners, patches and assorted ARA materials.

ARA and it's affiliate the Black Bloc Anarchists suffered several defeats last year attempting to protest White gatherings. These homosexual-communist-zionist White haters have attempted repeatedly to use terrorist tactics to smash the United States Bill of Rights. They more often than not, attack police or innocent passers-by who do not immediately subscribe to their sick agenda.

It seems that once again White unity and desire for self-determination have carried the day, foiling the enemies of freedom and dignity.

 SPRING 2002 P.O.W. Fund Raiser Concert

 Portland Metro - Eastside Productions is proud to bring you Intimidation One, The Anti-Sems, and Portland's newest nationalist Oi! band - "The Eastsiders" as well as possible special guests. All profits will be going to assist the recently arrested German band LANDSER and legal costs for members of The Order. Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the door. Responsible drinking will be allowed, have your designated driver arranged in advance. Along with admission you will get a copy of the new "Break the Chains" CD recently produced by Panzerfaust. The concert date will be early spring, bring your donations for political prisoners. Have a good time Rockin' the Reds in PDX this Spring!

 New Independent Rock Against Communism Site

Due to band requests, friends in Southern California have started an independent Rock Against Communism site to host band web pages. Apparently the many "web hosting" groups out there are having trouble keeping their pages up. Well that problem is over. For two bucks a month you can get your site hosted, email accounts, tech support (from the best in the business) mp3's and all kinds of other good stuff. This site is on the same server as the Volksfront page and a year we have had not one problem or technical difficulty. Go check it out


Reality Re-Written : White New York Firefighters Disgraced and Replaced by non-Whites on Historical Statue

The famous photgraph of three White firefighters of FDNY was to be made a statue at the ground zero memorial for the WTC. That is until the communist-zionist collective heard about it. The famous photo from which the statue was to be made is still being copied in detail except for one crucial point. The faces of the firefighters have been changed to one black, one hispanic and one white. Lawyers for the three White firefighters are outraged although the three White men declined comment (fearing for their jobs). The three men Dan McWilliams, George Johnson and Billy Eisengrin have been crushed under the weight of politically correctness. Carlo Casoria, an Italian-American, who lost his fireman son at the World Trade Center, is outraged saying "They're rewritting history in order to achieve political correctness". Other members of FDNY are equally as outraged. Less than 7% of FDNY are non-White. The 93% majority of FDNY firefighters have been insulted and degraded by politicians who are using their sacrifices as a political tool. Of the 343 firefighters killed at the WTC, 12 were African-American. Once again history is rewritten defiling European-Americans. According to Bill Kelly, the lawyer of the 3 men, they are "disappointed because it's become something that is political as opposed to historical".

New Education Bill in Oregon

It seems that President Bush's new education bill will bring military recruiting back into High Schools across Portland. It will over-ride Oregon's ban instituted by the pre-dominantly Jewish school board, that has been in effect since 1995 because of federal law that bans homosexuals or lesbians from the armed forces if they disclose their deviant perversions. Well Derry, it seems you got your way after all. It took a lot of letter writing and campaigning, but together we helped make it happen. We hope having the recruiters back on campus will help provide needed opportunities for inner city African Americans and low-income Whites.


According to US Conressional Aids close to Oregon Congressman Gordon Smith, a recent FBI report shows that Muslim terrorist groups were actively fund-raising at Portland State University prior to 9-11-01. Sources claim that Al Queda and other Muslim and left-wing terrorist organizations frequently operate at PSU. Not surprising given the likes of "professor" Randy Blazak, who teaches at PSU, who's group has on several occasions violated Federal and Oregon law, including terrorist threats against Volksfront. It's time citizens of Portland do some house cleaning at PSU and root out the terrorists and their faculty supporters in our school system who have condoned the illegal fund-raising by terrorist groups at PSU.

Panzerfaust POW Benefit CD Project, "Break the Chains Volumes I & II" Out Soon.

Panzerfaust is releasing two great POW Benefit CD's for members of The Order and German Band 'Landser'. These CD's includes Landser covers by Intimidation One and original tracks by Bound For Glory and more. All proceeds from this CD will go to help Political Prisoners. Support the labels that support the fallen. By this great music and do your bit to free White Political Prisoners!

Volksfront to Assist in the Sigrdrifa Publication "Prepare"

Volksfront will now be assisting with the Survialist publication, "Prepare", published by Sigrdrifa. We have agreed to help with content and publishing costs making Prepare a joint Sigrdrifa/ Volksfront project. The next issue should be available this spring. For more information visit www.sigrdrifa.net and click on the Prepare link.

Left Wing Terrorists in Portland
Submitted by Svenska, VF Correspondant

Recently, left wing terrorists affiliated with the criminal MOVE organization and Romana "Africa" marched in the streets of PDX inciting marxist revolution. Wearing face masks these terrorists carried upturned American flags which they later burned and defiled publically in Pioneer Courthouse Square in public view. Apparently this rable of cowards and freaks can not differentiate between the government and a country,like the loser in the photo above. We the people, are the country, the flag is the symbol of the people, the marxist terrorists defiling the flag are defiling American citizens, not the government. The growing marxist terrorist movement in the Northwest has ties to organizations like Oregon Spotlight, CAHC, CHD and others who claim non-violence. The CHD, CAHC and Oregon Spotlight are simply the legal front for a growing communist terrorist insurgency in the Northwest. Although our opponents on the left have had the audacity to claim groups such as Volksfront are terrorists, a picture is worth a thousand words. Notice the masked rebels calling for an end to our government "By any means necessary" as they burn symbols of the people. Then refer to photos of the Erik Banks memorial where the Colonial and Confederate flags, symbols of this nations people are honored and displayed with pride.

It is time police ended this terrorist criminal network and investigated their legal front groups who provide them with fund-raising, tactical intelligence and disseminate their propaganda. Let pictures of these "warriors of social justice" speak for themselves.

Human Garbage Parade in Portland, Is This Our Childrens' Future?

The "Revolutionaries", looks like the people we'd want leading our nation doesn't it?

Look at this chump, who is the terrorist now? Nice Picture Buddy

Look at this human garbage, we are ashamed of you too pal, maybe a shower would improve your attitude...

A bunch of terrorists who can't even affix a flag to a flag pole, they are probably so stoned they didn't notice the flags were upside down

Lesbians on parade call for violence, haha, penis envy at its finest

Jewish Hate Plot Against Arab and European Americans

2 leaders of Jewish group accused of anti-Arab bomb plot

Mosque and office of O.C. Rep. Darrell Issa were among targets, investigators say.

December 13, 2001
The Orange County Register

Two leaders of a militant Jewish group whose members were questioned in the 1985 assassination of an Arab activist in Santa Ana were in federal custody Wednesday in connection with an alleged plot to blow up a Los Angeles-area mosque and the office of an Orange County congressman.

Irv Rubin, 56, of Monrovia, and Earl Krugel, 59, of Reseda, were charged with conspiracy and possession of explosive devices that investigators believe they planned to use at the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City and at an unspecified office of Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista. Issa, whose district encompasses parts of south Orange County, has offices in Vista and San Clemente.

Investigators believe the men also discussed other Southern California targets, INCLUDING A BAR IN ANAHEIM (The Shack?), and Islamic religious buildings in Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego counties, a federal complaint says.

Rubin and other people associated with the Jewish Defense League were questioned extensively about the 1985 slaying of Arab-American civil-rights advocate Alex Odeh, who was killed by a pipe bomb set in his Santa Ana office.

Rubin and Krugel were arrested late Tuesday with the help of a confidential informant who is suspected of working with the men in recent months to devise the bombing plan, said John S. Gordon, U.S. attorney for the Central District of California.

Bomb-making components were found in Krugel's home, authorities said. Each man could face more than 30 years in prison if convicted. They were being held without bond.

Oregon Spotlight Hate Group Implicated in Political Terror Activities
Oregon Spotlight, a Portland based Hate group affilaited with the Coalition Against Hate Crimes, has made more threats via phone and mail to those who support European-American heritage.

Oregon Spotlight has begun a campaign of terror publishing names, addresses and other personal information on those whom they perceive to support pro-White organizations. This information is then passed on to criminals who assault activists and vandalize their property. By publishing this information they hope to make European-American activists fear for their safety, jobs and homes. It is a very totalitarian technique often employed by the terrorist left-wing in the past.

Although Volksfront possess personal information on the founders and members of this group we choose to refrain from such terror tactics. We possess one founder's records regarding his financial troubles and bankruptsy's as well as several home addresses he uses as well as his foster mother's personal info, we also possess the "professor's" Multnomah property records and address. We feel it is interesting to note that while we are the alledged terrorists we refuse to publish such information since it could be used by the criminal element to cause harm to these people, which we do not want. Oregon Spotlight on the other hand has no such ethical limitations on their activities. While claiming non-violence and Martin Luther King's philosophy of non-violence the openly distribute personal information on any White person who does not comply with their political agenda in hopes the information will be picked up and used by the criminal element on the extreme left. Oregon Spotlight is in essense the "intelligence" gathering division of a loose knit terrorist network among the extreme left.

In response to their illegal harassment a criminal complaint has been filed with the Salem Police Department for notes mailed to the home of the mother of a supporter and for threatening calls made a another supporter's cell phone which forced him to change his number. We are also considering a restraining order against Oregon Spotlight and the Coalition Against Hate Crimes and their supporters to prevent the continual harassment by them and their unknown terrorist supporters against perceived VF members. These actions are being taken as we prepare a possible future civil suit against Oregon Spotlight, Portland State University and CAHC. If their actions continue we and our legal counsel feel we will soon have a strong civil court case if not a case of criminal neglect stemming from their disregard for safety of the people whose information they distribute to known criminal elements.

As we prepare for future contingencies we have formed several legal plans of action depending on the course Oregon Spotlight take with the distribution of personal information to left-wing terror groups. We take the threat to our homes, jobs and families very seriously and will take all legal recourse to see that this activity is halted.

By Jared Knudson, VF Community Action and Publications

Erik Banks Memorial East Multnomah County, Oregon
Volksfront co-sponsored a memorial event with East Side Productions to honor a murdered kinsman, Erik Banks. The event which included 3 guest speakers, A biography of Erik written by Ed of BFG, 3 bands (Aggressive Force, Final War, and Intimidation One), traditional Northern European foods and literature tables was a great success for the first major event of its type in Oregon.

The event was held to demand justice for the murder of Erik Banks at the hands of communist punk rockers affiliated with the Anti-Racist Action and SHARP terrorist groups.

The event went smoothly although we had self-hating cowards approach the door under the watchful eyes of Portland Police's Tactical Operations Division. The Police handled matters fairly and only one instance of police misconduct was noted. A Multnomah County Sheriff's deputy endangered the lives of a young woamn and three children when he recklessly attempted to stop her in poor visibility and heavy rain passing the cars behind her to catch up almost causing them to wreck, he then illegally questioned her and released her without citation.

The anti-White internet warriors who promised violence were oddly absent although the location was disclosed early in the morning.

East Side Productions has promised more events int he near future including major European bands, high profile guest speakers and networking conferences. The Erik Banks Memorial will soon be available on VHS tape for purchase. Thanks to all who showed and helped make this landmark event possible.

The "Intelligence" of a Terrorist

Russian Born Jew Vera Katz is Anti-Union and Anti-White
Russian born Jewess Vera Katz has "screwed" union membership again in the recently averted strike by Portland unions representing city workers. The unions were asking for increased healthcare coverage and cost of living raises. Vera who exploits union membership during elections quickly forgets union votes for her multi-cultural zionist agenda once she's safe in office. Vera recently sold out the African-American community by her refusal to support Derry Jackson and his right of free speech and free opinion. Vera and her liberal elite allies in Portland government must be voted out. This Russian born Jew has made Portland her personal empire of Zionist-Liberal elitism. Vera has also continually neglected to see city contracts go to union contractors in her typical penny-pinching style. Many union members have had enough of this elitist sell out by her recent conduct regarding fair healthcare for city employees. Remember Vera's sell out of city workers in the next mayoral elections.
Bush-Whacked Again; The Republican Stimulus Package
Voted down in the Republican House, the Democratic bill on Economic Stimulus would give the majority of funding to low income and layed-off workers. The Republican Bill provides for 148 Billion in "Economic Stimulus", with only 1.2 billion used as relief for layed-off and unemployed workers. Enron, a company which gave 1.8 million to Republican political campaigns last election, would get over 24 million in immediate tax rebates and refunds under the Republican stimulus bill. Bush's idea of helping the economy is giving more money to the already obscenely rich. Major corporations have lobbied heavily for the passage of this bill, however, giving more money to multi-billion dollar companies does not create the work orders needed for companies to keep employees. It is important that the working class is not fooled by reactionary patriotism spouted by the right wing, the right wing continually sells out the working class in the interests of Imperialist Zionism and the global economic elite.

US Officials Hint at Anthrax Being from "Domestic" Source
US officials are now hinting at the recent postal mailings of the Anthrax virus as possibly being from a domestic source. Spokesmen from the FBI, Office of Homeland Security, and CDC have recently alluded to the possibility that domestic terrorists may be responsible for the recent deaths of 4 persons from the inhaled version of the Anthrax virus. We feel this is a preparation for further civil liberties incursions by the Bush government.

Portland Police Concerned About Erik Banks Memorial
Portland Police have emailed Volksfront concerned about counter-demonstrators at the Erik Banks Memorial. Rafe Cancio, an Officer with the Portland Police Bureau's Tactical Operations Division, ha emailed Volksfront concerned about counter-demonstrators at the Memorial service for our fallen brother Erik Banks. Officer Cancio is very interested in the location of the event. The event location and date have been changed for security and organizational issues. The event date is now December 21st and being held at a location South of Portland, outside PPB's jurisdiction.

Illegal Monitoring of "Politcially Incorrect" Organizations Increases
Throughout the Northwest groups who espouse differing ideas or thoughts on US policy are under scrutiny. Organizations and individuals from all political spectrums are being monitored, investigated and harassed. In Bush's new crusade against Islam, where Judeo-Christianity has become the state religion, minority faiths such as Asatru (Odinism) are now viewed as public enemy number one. Local media and communist front groups have attempted to compare Asatru to Islam in their campaign to crush any European belief system. Using the recently expanded governmental power, law enforcement has viewed this time as ripe to elimate political and religious adversaries. All organizations from all perspectives are urged to record instances of illegal government monitoring and quickly file legal suit in defense of their First Ammendment rights. We also encouage all persons to be aware of any talk or writing which may be minconstrued by police agencies and used in court by unethical law enforcement. Volksfront has seen several credible reports and instances of illegal government monitoring and is preparing legal suit against those involved.

US Forces Invade Afghanistan; Ending Terrorism or Installing a Puppet Regime?

As the first reports of US forces on the ground in Afghanistan are confirmed by the Pentagon, talk of installing a new Afghani government is rampant. Should the USA have the right to force political dictatorship on any people with a differing belief system? The US is working with the opposition Northern Alliance and the former King of Afghanistan to set up a new government in that country according to media sources. Although the Northern Alliance has been found to be guilty of many human rights abuses the US is preparing to install them as part of the ruling coalition of Afghanistan.

Anti-Racist Action and Allies Threaten Violence at Erik Banks Memorial
Via internet and guest book entries a gay rights group calling itself Anti Racist Action has threatened violence at the coming Erik Banks Memorial on Dec. 21st. Members of this terrorist group who frequently attack the elderly and any who oppose their political message have threatened violence to the participants of the Erik Banks Memorial. History has shown in Portland this group was involved in beating two teenage female with hammers on 17th and Hawthorne in 1990 when a gang of men attacked two 16 year old girls with hammers. Unfortunately for those threatening this event there will be able bodied men present so their ability to assault citizens exercising free speech will be limited to internet talk. The event location just outside of Portland, is being held in strict confidence to prevent protestors from yelling obscenities and throwings human feces which is a trade mark of the ARA group. ARA once existed in Portland but was eliminated from the area during the skinhead wars of the early 1990's. It seems they are trying to regain a presense here due to the large amount of anonymous threats. We are wondering when local police and our Russian Jew Mayor are going to investigate this group which openly promotes violence, murder, and terrorism.

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