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really ancient pictures of the earth and the actual pictures of the present earth population concentrations

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news on Arabs and the Middle East, Islam and Christianity, marine biology and the ocean, whales and ecology, Quakers and pigs, martyrs and invertebrates.  You can also find places to purchase Halal food in Seattle.
After Europe my parents started a second commune, the one I grew up in, the Highway Missionaries.  We were aptly named, moving around from place to place, in a different city every year. At one time we had about eight buses.  When one broke down, we left it beside the road.  Eventually, they all broke down and we figured God wanted us to stay there.  We stayed in Canada and SF, and finally settled in Southern Oregon, near Grants Pass.  We were composed of ex-drug addicts and alcoholics, the ex-wealthy, ex-college students, the occasional ex-assasin, and some rather strange folks.  We were commited to Holy Sister Poverty, sharing all things in common, evangelism, and considering ourselves wholly one body, rejecting individualism.  In anthropological terms we were a fictive kinship society.
Moroccan Camel (no relation)
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There have been five Great Awakenings in American history.  The last was the largest, and the first not to be Christian.  The component of it that was Christian rocked the world.  

Me (with banjo), Scott, and Ryan at the Dearborn Arab-American Festival, the largest in North America
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-Jedidiah Palosaari
Moroccan Tannery
Ancient Mosque
Dad, Mom, and me (inside)
Jim Palosaari preaching
My Dad and Mom, Jim and Susan Palosaari, were primary leaders in the Jesus Movement.  They came to Christ traveling through the back woods around Seattle, when they came across a sign saying "Giant Tent Revival, This Way".  They followed the sign, and came to another sign.  They kept on following the signs deep into the back woods until finally they came to a tent revival, with no one there except for those putting it on.  They went to the meeting and came back the next day, for an entire week.  And for an entire week, no one but one other person ever came to that revival.  By the end of the week they had both committed their lives to the Lord- the only two from that revival, which obviously was a failure. 

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Queen Elizabeth in Oven Mitts, by Linnea Spransy- Best Painting at Cornerstone Arts Festival, 2000
Bob Hardy, one of Servant's lead singers, produced a solo cassette, Face the Distance, which was mellow and deep, due in large part to lyrics writtin by Servant's guitarist Bruce Wright, now promoted to glory.  After spending some time promoting Whitecross with Rex Carroll, my dad currently works for National Community Foundation, which invests excess funds in order to provide money for various ministries.

From Oregon we continued our ministries of street witnessing, showing the movie Brother Sun Sister Moon, and the rock band Servant, the first Christian band with lasors or an extensive light show.  Servant, which gave Petra it's start, was honored by it's critics as being "too preachy" because they often called the church to return to authentic  Christianity- caring for the poor, living  in Holy Sister Poverty, and truly putting God and others first.  Rich Haas contributed by writing the now popular "Beloved, Let us Love One Another", with an original Elvis version. 

Jacobstone is a grandchild of those endeavors, an alternative Christian rock band managed by Matt Spransy of Servant and Sheep fame, and including Daniel Spransy, a child within the Highway Missionaries.  Matt's brother, Tim, has splendid artwork he's been working on for years, as has Matt's daughter, Linnea.  They just came out with their latest CD, Regions, available only on their site, which, by the way, has a very cool intro to play with.  Servant's guitarist, Owen Brock, went on to influence the development of Over the Rhine and does the artwork for them.  He and Sandi are currently pastors in an intentional community church, Vineyard Central
Jim Palosaari preaching
Through them 1000's of people have come to Christ.

Sue and Jim Palosaari were originally with Linda Meisner's Jesus People Army.  They were married in a coffee house that is now a CD store underneath the Space Needle- but the columns are still painted the way my Mom had them.  My Dad was discipled by Linda, and after finding out she was planning on joining the Children of God (now "The Family") flew up to Washington to try to stop her, but to no avail. 

My parents went on to start
Jesus People Milwaukee , my first commune, which later became JePUSA,  Jesus People USA.  Jesus People Milwaukee contained one of the few Discipleship Training Schools with a scholastic focus in the Jesus Movement.  Another branch became international tent revival ministry of Christ is the Answer, with Bill Lowry.  We were part of the branch of Jesus People Milwaukee that went on to England and Finland (Jesus People Europe), touring with my father's Christian Rock Musical, Lonesome Stone (soundtrack available for free) and his band Sheep.  At the Sheep site you can hear snippets of songs, including "O Happy Day" in Finnish.  In England my dad was one of the founders of Greenbelt, now the largest Christian rock music festival in the world.

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Since the Jesus Movement, I've been involved in three other communes- YWAM in Hawaii, InterVarsity at Occidental College, and Allelous at Fuller Seminary.   Fuller is the largest evangelical seminary in the world, and an excellent place to learn about anthropology, theology, and psychology.  But I'm biased. 

My church, Remember the Homies, or as it's usually called, Friends Memorial, is an evangelical Quaker church (yes, such exists!) in North Seattle.

Other ministries that I believe are highly valuable: 
MSA, Mustard Seeds Associates, is headed by the indomitable Tom Sine, Christian Futurist, Fuller professor, et.al, who wrote The Mustard Seed Conspiracy, The Upside-Down Kingdom, Wild Hope, and Cease Fire: Searching for Sanity in America's Culture Wars.  The site is supported by Aimee Buchholz, of the aforementioned Friends Memorial.
My brother Kent Palosaari does engaging and productive Marriage and Family Therapy, specializing in blended families.  His wife Trina Palosaari heads their church's children's ministry which I also volunteer with.  My brother Cody Palosaari promotes ads at gyms and other sports entities in Southern California.  I'm working towards a Science Teacher position at a school in Morocco.  You can also see more pics of me and my family.

CounterBalance is run by Adrian Wyard, and looks at the interrelationship of science and religion.  Along the same lines, Evolutionary Devotions is my own site, wherein readers share devotions and insights about God gained by studying and contemplating evolution specifically.   

, Christians for Biblical Equality, is an awesome group that seeks to support the enfranchisement and empowerment of women in leadership and marriage from a fully Biblical perspective. Similarily, my sites Junia focus on the only named female apostle, and on Nina, the greatest female evangelist of the early church.   

And some great research sites:  if you're looking for information on nearly every translation, to find a specific verse or a word search within the
Serving Southern California
Tempelliaukokirko- Stone Church- where my Dad used to preach in Helsinki.  Carved by exploding a cave into a granite rock in the middle of downtown.