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The Savage Nation by Savage, Michael
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(Expected 4/30/2003)
The Savage Nation
Savage, Michael
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  From talk-radio's fastest-rising star: bold, biting, and hilarious straight talk about how liberalism is wrecking America
"A man with the courage to say what millions of conservative Americans have been thinking but are afraid to say out loud" -- Christopher Ruddy, NewsMax
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New York Times bestseller!

How did Michael Savage's San Francisco-based radio talk show, "The Savage Nation," become the nation's fourth largest -- and fastest-growing -- in a mere eight years? Simple: where other conservative radio hosts have grown cautious, Savage goes for the jugular, viewing liberalism not so much as a coherent philosophy but as "a mental disease, unraveling the very fabric of this great nation." Now, Savage has put his ultra-potent brand of conservative outspokenness between the covers of a book. Warning: the contents may be explosive!

"The future of America hangs in the balance like a loose tooth," contends Savage. Everything you and I have worked for is being wiped out before our eyes." And the chief enemy is within: "To fight only al-Qaida is to miss the terrorist network operating within our own borders. Who are these traitors? Every rotten, radical left-winger in this country, that's who."

Savage's mission, he declares, is nothing less than to stop the systematic destruction of America's culture, borders and language in the name of political correctness. Accordingly, he takes on political correctness ... sexual promiscuity ... the ACLU ... the Democratic Party ... illegal immigration ... media attacks on Christianity ... and practically every other pet cause and sacred cow of the liberal world order.

Sample the Savage Wit (and Wisdom) of Michael Savage

Liberal Weenies vs. Conservative Realists: "Liberals, while the Twin Towers were still a fresh smoldering pile of body parts and rubble, rushed to understand our enemies. They bought books on Islam. They wanted to determine if maybe, just maybe, we did something to provoke the attack. In other words, a liberal is someone who wants to understand the guy who just broke into his house, who burned the place down, who raped his wife and murdered his kids. Yes, the liberals wants to discover what he or she might have done to deserve the attack. The conservative doesn't care what religious affiliation the villain hides behind, what holy robes he may wear, or what he calls himself. When he sees the enemy coming ... the conservative shoots him dead before he gets in the house."

On liberal "Christophobia": "The Founding Fathers guaranteed us 'freedom of religion,' not 'freedom from religion.' Did you get that? The boll weevils on the left claim the Constitution has erected a 'wall of separation between church and state.' They say Americans cannot pray in public; Americans must not display religious symbols on certain holidays in public; nor can Americans sing Christmas carols in public. But they're wrong. The alleged 'wall of separation' doesn't exist. It cannot be found in any of the constitutional documents. Period. ... Like it or not, religious expression is part of the American identity. But you weren't taught that in school. Why? The leftist-control education czarinas do not want you to know your own history."

The tab for the Sexual Revolution comes due: "Americans must fork over nearly twenty billion dollars annually in taxes at the federal, state and local levels just to pay for the consequences of sex outside marriage. ... That, my friend, no longer makes sexual behavior a 'private' matter. Not when you reach into my pocket to pick up the pieces of teen pregnancy, STDs, and government subsidized day-care. At that rate, the government could pay each of the twenty-eight million teenagers in America five hundred dollars a year to keep their flies zipped -- and save money. ... Are you beginning to see how the left works? They attack the Judeo-Christian values and principles that have worked for hundreds of years. They attack by describing these traditions as 'oppressive' and 'dated.' Then, when they behaviors backfire, they rush to peddle taxpayer-subsidized cures."

How "Daisy Chain Immigration" is destroying America: "Californians can welcome to our fair state a brand-new citizen. An illegal immigrant gave birth to a baby girl in the back of a Border Patrol van. The woman had slipped in from Mexico, was abandoned by her smugglers, and then apprehended by the Border Patrol. She popped one out while inside the van, and presto! ... The child is a full U.S. citizen with full benefits, SSI, welfare, child care, Medicare, ACLU-care. It is unlimited. Do you realize that child has more benefits than you? ... Since the little child is a U.S. citizen by birth, she can one day apply for citizenship for her mama. Welcome to daisy-chain immigration."

"Consistently entertaining"

"Brimming with politically incorrect wisdom and insight. Sometimes Savage sounds like a young Ronald Reagan. Other times he sounds like a hard-boiled Mickey Spillane. Throughout he is consistently entertaining. Once you read a single page in "The Savage Nation," you'll understand why some 6 million people a week listen to Michael Savage on the air. This is one man who is not afraid or ashamed to name the forces he believes are destroying our country and our children's future." -- Christopher Ruddy

Member Book Reviews

Robin Schwartz
If you listen to him on the radio, this title doesn't add anything. He has some points, but they could have been made in ten pages. After that, it got repetitious and boring. I don't think that the name-calling adds anything to his arguement either--and it gets cutesy and trite very fast. If I weren't already convinced of the truth of many of the things Savage says, I certainly wouldn't be convinced by this book. Contrast this with Sean Hannity's book. You don't need to insult people if you're right. In fact, Sean's respectful treatment of those he disagrees with makes him much more of a threat to liberal muddy thinking


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