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14th Century Muslim scholar Ibn Khaldun is regarded as the founder of modern sociology. In his landmark study, the "Muqaddimah" (Introduction), Ibn Khaldun explained the rise and fall of civilizations in a theory that continues to influence the way we think about society and culture. Our web-based policy center evokes Ibn Khaldun's spirit of enlightened analysis and criticism. We invite you to join us in this great tradition of critical inquiry.

White Papers on America, American Muslim Life, and the Muslim World

The AIC spotlights intellectual work on a variety of topics, though generally within the guidelines of our Statement of Principles. We encourage thoughtful analysis of current events, innovative proposals for social and economic development, and unusual but provocative collaborations. If you have an idea for a piece, email us an abstract. Focus areas include:

For many American Muslims, September 11 has prompted new insights on many of these topics. Read some noteworthy articles, including pieces by AIC members, in our "Time of Reckoning" collection.

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Jum'ah Reflections: Meditations Inspired by Traditional Texts

Friday is the Muslim holy day, known as Yawm al-Jum'ah. Philosophical ruminations, or Jum'ah Reflections, explore themes of tolerance, truth, beauty, self-improvement, social justice, and more through traditional Muslim texts. Excerpts from the Qu'ran, the hadith (sayings of the prophet Muhammad), and other classical Muslim texts inspire new insights on age-old ideas. To submit a Jum'ah Reflection, email us at jumah@aicongress.org.