Memorial Vigil for Daniel Pearl (1963-2002)

This Sunday, February 23 - 5:00 p.m.
First Parish Church in Cambridge, Harvard Square
Corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Church Street (next to The Body Shop)

Co-sponsored by: The American Islamic Congress and the Anti-Defamation League

With tributes by Imam Khaleel Mohammed (Professor of Islamic Studies, Brandeis University), local artists, and community leaders.

One year ago this week, a gang of thugs in Karachi, Pakistan, brutally murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in the name of Islam. This act of terror was a shock to the world, not only because it showed the grim face of religious intolerance, but also because Mr. Pearl – a bright, curious young man – was the victim.

Please join us on this sombre anniversary, as we recall:

  • the urgent need for confronting all forms of hate-speech and intolerance;
  • Daniel Pearl’s shining example as a bridge-builder among peoples;
  • that as our hearts and minds are preoccupied with resolving the crisis with Iraq, we remember that Daniel Pearl, son of a Jewish refugee from Baghdad, courageously sought cross-cultural dialogue and understanding


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