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The music, meditation and affirmations contained in the music are designed to awaken the peace and the joy that resides within each one of us.

The meditation will unify you with the consciousness of your spirit, your higher self and there you connect with the heighten awareness of the spirit vibration.

Judith leads you into the alpha state of complete relaxation, then into theta and delta states, where you can experience the silence of spirit.

The heart opens to experience unconditional love and the feeling of one divinity. Here, you will learn from our own teacher. We then bring a higher vibrational awareness and feeling into the moments of our daily lives.

Following this powerful mediation, you will gently be guided back into your day or night with beautiful inspirational relaxation music containing affirmations that will plant new seeds into your sub conscious mind.

This is a beautiful way to end your day, may this practice bring you a contained expansion of energy.

Judith's CD contains 7 tracks in total but we have only put one below which is the Meditation track below which goes for approx. 30 mins.......

>>>Click here to Listen to
Track 1 - Return to your Essence
Meditation designed to Align
you with your Higher Self

>>>Click here to DOWNLOAD this Meditation to your Hard Drive

Listen to Judith's Meditation by using this
Windows Media Player in the above Window that will open.........

If you leave this website or open one of our Links to Other websites
then the Music will cease to play.......
Otherwise you can continue around this Website and be able to enjot the beautiful Music that Judith has created for you....

Please note the quality of the music through this player is much lower than the original from Compact Disc, this is the only way we can bring you this music and meditation over the Internet, please enjoy......................


Send a friend a link by eMail to this WebPage
Send a friend a link by eMail to this WebPage