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 Veedramon's Profile

Status: Offline
Day Joined: February 03, 2003 06:35 AM
Last Login: April 11, 2003 06:26 PM
# Of Logins: 83
# Of Posts: 94
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Veedramon's Bio: 
Also known as Fritz Baugh, Veedramon has been a Ghostbuster fan since the first movie came out, but really fell in love with the characters when they came to animation in 1986. Not even the decreasing quality of the show beginning the next year drove him away, either. He even had three letters published in NOW comic's RGB comic book.

Fritz's Stats:

Brains 4 Anime Trivia 7
Muscle 2 Keep Going without Sleep 5
Moves 3 Avoid Maniacs on I-465 6
Cool 3 Not Strangle Stupid Customers 6

Goal: Find Way to Get Fussy Office Girl to Marry Him

Favorite Ghostbuster: Egon Spengler
Favorite Episodes: "Chicken He Clucked", "Ragnarok and Roll", "Janine You've Changed"
Which Movie He Liked Better: GB1

Other favorites: Mobile Suit Gundam, Robotech, Digimon (duh), Aqua Teen Hunger Force

In his mundane life, Fritz is a thirty-one year old office worker who feels weird writing about himself in third person

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