St. Augustine

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St. Augustine's Belief in the Real Presence 22K
St. Augustine: Which Christian Body is Closer Theologically to His Teaching?: Reformed Protestants or Present-Day Catholics? 149K
Dialogue: Is Sola Fide (Faith Alone) a Legitimate Development of Patristic and Augustinian Soteriology? (With Emphasis Also on Augustine's Views on Predestination and "Calvinism," Apostolic Succession, and Orthodoxy as a "Disproof" of Rome's Claims to the Fullness of Christian Tradition) 78K
St. Augustine's Views on Creation and Evolution

Primary Works and Commentary

The City of God (selections by G. Schlabach)
The City of God: Introduction (James O'Donnell)
Christianity and Society: Commentary on The City of God (James O'Donnell)
Confessions (tr. Albert C. Outler)
Confessions (tr. James O'Donnell)
Confessions: Introduction (James O'Donnell)
Commentary on Confessions (James O'Donnell)
Three Reviews of O'Donnell's Commentary on Confessions, with the Author's Reply (D. Sheerin, J.P. Burns, G. Lawless)
Extended Remarks on Confessions (James O'Donnell)
Confessions: Bibliography (James O'Donnell)
On Christian Doctrine (EWTN website)
On Christian Doctrine (selections by G. Schlabach)
Elements of Christianity: Commentary on On Christian Doctrine (James O'Donnell)
On Dialectic
Enchiridion (Handbook on Faith, Hope, and Love) (tr. Albert C. Outler)
Enchiridion (Handbook on Faith, Hope, and Love) (tr. Albert C. Outler; alternate URL)
The Rule of St. Augustine
The Rule of St. Augustine (tr. Robert Russell)
Early Church Fathers  (includes many works by St. Augustine)
St. Augustine on Prayer
Catholic Encyclopedia: WORKS OF
Augustinus-Lexikon (complete works in print; review by James O'Donnell)
Corpus Augustinianum Gissense (complete works on CD-Rom; review by James O'Donnell)
Selected Bibliography (James O'Donnell)
Augustine (James O'Donnell)
Augustine (Gerald W. Schlabach)
Island of Freedom - St. Augustine
Malaspina Great Books Entries for St. Augustine
Biography (New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge)
Augustine the African (James O'Donnell)
Augustine of Hippo, Bishop and Theologian (James E. Kiefer)
Benozzo Gozzoli's 15th Century Frescoes of Augustine's Life
Augustine's Africa (Geography)
Review of St. Augustine, by Garry Wills (John Peter Kenney)
Augustine: Preliminary Words (James O'Donnell)
Catholic Encyclopedia: TEACHING OF
Augustine's World and Ours (Glenn Tinder)
Augustine and Aquinas and Their Influence in the Middle Ages (Internet Discussion led by James O'Donnell)
Reconsiderations: Augustine's Influence (James O'Donnell)
The Authority of Augustine (James O'Donnell)
The Blessed (Saint) Augustine of Hippo (Eastern Orthodox Perspectives)
Augustine Debate (Universal Atonement) (William G. Most)
Christ and the Soul: Augustine on Grace, Salvation, and Pelagianism (James O'Donnell)
St. Augustine on the Eucharist (Phil Porvaznik)
Rome has Spoken; the Case is Closed (St. Augustine, Pelagianism, and the Holy See) (Dom John Chapman)
Friendship as Adultery: Social Reality and Sexual Metaphor in Augustine's Doctrine of Original Sin (Gerald W. Schlabach)
Augustine's Idea of God (James O'Donnell)
Augustine on the Problem of Evil (Wayne Ferguson)
Augustine and the Greek Philosophers (John F. Callahan)
St. Augustine and Christian Platonism (A. Hilary Armstrong)
Augustine's Classical Readings (James O'Donnell)
Memory and Mind: An Introduction to Augustine's Epistemology (Sheri Katz)
Augustine on Personality (Paul Henry)
The Resurrection and St. Augustine's Theology of Human Values (Henri I. Marrou)
Love is the Hand of the Soul: Augustine on Continence (Gerald W. Schlabach)
Sexual Renunciation and Augustine's Conversion (F.B.A. Asiedu)
Concupiscence in Augustine and Aquinas (Steve Riker)
Political Idealism and Christianity in the Thought of St. Augustine (Ernest L. Fortin)
Grave Art: Early Christian Tombs and Figures of Mourning in Augustine's Confessions (Eugene Vance)
Sacrificing the Son in Augustine's Confessions (Lawrence Warner)
Saint Augustine’s Theology of Grace (Stephen N. Filippo)
Augustine Against the Manicheans  (Constance Woods)
The Days of Creation According to St. Augustine (John F. McCarthy)
The Real Presence in St. Augustine  (Fr. J.B. Jaggar, S.J.)
The Scriptural Roots of St. Augustine's Spirituality (Stephen N. Filippo)
St. Augustine, St. Peter, and the Papacy  (Steve Ray and Joe Gallegos, contra William Webster)
Augustinian Theology, Spirituality, and Philosophy
The Neo-Augustinian Temptation (Robert Benne)
Guy F. Hershberger and Reinhold Niebuhr on Christian Love: Will the Real Augustinian Please Stand Up? (Gerald W. Schlabach)
For the Joy Set Before Us: Ethics of Self-Denying Love in Augustinian Perspective (Gerald W. Schlabach)

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