CLS invites submissions for upcoming  special issues on the following topics:

Intra-National Comparisons
Guest Editors: Debra A. Castillo, Françoise Lionnet, and Paul Michael Lutzeler
How can comparative methodology, which originated as cross-border mapping of literary relations, help us understand the valences of "minor" literatures in the contexts of their dominant national cultures?
Submissions by August 31, 2002
Issue to appear Spring 2003

Comparative Cultural Studies
Guest Editor: Michael Bérubé
To what extent can the methods of cultural studies be integrated into comparative literature? Also, in what way can comparison contribute to the analysis of cultural production?
Submissions by December 31, 2002
Issue to appear Summer 2003.

Globalization and World Literature
Guest Editors: Simon Gikandi and Djelal Kadir
What roles have travel, trade, cultural contact, exploration, colonization, and imperialism played in the mutual conditioning and influence of the literatures of the world by and on each other?
Submissions by March 31, 2003
Issue to appear Winter 2004.

Cybernetic Readings
Guest Editor: N. Katherine Hayles
How have informatics and artificial intelligence expressed themselves in the themes and structures of, and in readers' interaction with,  literatures around the globe?
Submissions by August 31, 2003
Issue to appear Summer 2004.

We encourage submissions that respond to these questions with comparative analyses of study examples drawn from any period, language, and culture. Sophisticated theoretical analyses with broad application will also be considered.

All manuscripts and inquiries should be submitted to the CLS editorial address, and authors should indicate the special issue they would like to be considered for.

Last updated: 29 April 2002 by Sharon Bailey