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We used to have a paper catalog - but we're currently out and working on the new one. We offer the exact same catalog here online in pdf format, and also on CD-ROM. You can order the free CD-ROM by email and I'll send you one. Be sure to give me your full address and contact info.

The CD-ROM is exactly the same as what's here but easier to use if you don't have a high-speed internet connection.

If you want to see what's in the catalog look at this index.


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Safety (3.380 mb)
Electrical (3.129 mb) 33-90
Accessories (3.692 mb) 91-146
Engine & Steering Controls (4.038 mb) 147-212
Pumps & Plumbing
(5.519 mb)
Lubricants (963 k) 299-310
Maintenance (1.737 mb) 311-354
Tools (788 k) 355-370
Hardware (3.096 mb) 371-414
Trawl (1.054 mb) 425-430
Gillnetting (585 k) 431-440
Seine (1.771 mb) 441-454
Troll (2.374 mb) 455-494
Longline (619k) 495-506
Crab (507 k) 507-520
Rope & Twine (950 k) 521-540
Knives (3.518 mb) 541-570
Clothing (2.541 mb) 571-596
Sport Fishing (977 k) 597-610
Hydraulics and Engine Room (3.690 mb) 611-638

Once you have the catalog pages and see the part numbers you can shop online or give us a call at 800-426-2783.

Please call us at 800-426-2783 or email us if you have trouble with this page.

We've got both pdf files and frames to deal with, so I know it might not work for everyone. We're only human (so far!).