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Ritual Abuse
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Ritual Abuse
Note: This topic has been archived.
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Related Subject(s): Ritual abuse ,  Ritual abuse victims
Dewey Code: 616.858369 (362.76)
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12 November 2000
Book Review: Cover Up Of The Century
Review of the book "Cover Up Of the Century: Satanic Ritual Crime & World Conspiracy" by Daniel Ryder.

28 October 2000
Dealing with holidays
Describes ideas on how survivors can deal with holidays and anniversary dates.

12 October 2000
Trauma Bonding : The Pull to the Perpetrator
Discusses the concept of trauma bonding in cult abuse, with the role of trauma bonding in pulling survivors back to their abusers. Trigger note: discusses cult abuse, programming, and trauma: please do not read if these trigger you unless you are with your therapist or a safe person.

1 October 2000
Should I Confront My Abuser(s)?
discusses some aspects of the complex issue of confronting perpetrators from the perspective of a survivor.

9 September 2000
Spiritual Warfare: A Healing Journey
Describes spiritual healing from ritual abuse from a strongly Christian perspective

7 September 2000
On Having Need
Guest article on the struggles survivors of ritual abuse have in learning to trust and to feel that they deserve to exist and have needs.

27 August 2000
Complex polyfragmentation: a coping mechanism for the survivor
Describes the way that a complex polyfragmented dissociative system might appear from the viewpoint of a survivor who has experienced it.

12 August 2000
Therapists Speak out on Healing
Article discusses topic of what helps in healing from ritual abuse, from the perspective of therapists in the field. *Important note: this article is not meant to be therapy, and only offers general opinions*

28 July 2000
Therapists Speak Out on Ritual Abuse
Therapists discuss: is ritual abuse real? And some of their opinions on this subject.

16 July 2000
A Survivor's Testimony: article by Kim Campbell
Description of one survivor's healing from ritual abuse, and the process of deliverance, from a Christian perspective.

2 July 2000
Breaking Free of the Cult
An article that addresses issues facing the person who wishes to leave a transgenerational cult, including safety

16 June 2000
How the Cult Programs People: Part Two
Second half of article on cult programming

15 June 2000
How the Cult Programs People
Brief description of some of the ways the Illuminati program their members. Warning: may be triggering to survivors, please use caution and stay safe.

3 June 2000
How the Cult Makes Money
Describes activities the cult is engaged in to make money

21 May 2000
On Dissociation: Part Two
Continuation of article, discussing dissociation and some of its impact in the lives of survivors of ritual abuse.

20 May 2000
Survivors Speak Out: on Dissociation: Part One
Discusses the experience of dissociation from the perspective of survivors of ritual abuse

8 May 2000
Survivors Speak Out on Remembering: part two
Various survivors discuss the process of remembering ritual abuse.

7 May 2000
Survivors Speak Out on Remembering: part one
Survivors of ritual abuse speak out on the process of remembering

26 April 2000
Why the cult doesn't get caught
A description of security measures used to prevent detection by a cult group, how they maintain secrecy.

18 April 2000
Cults that abuse
Discussion of cults that abuse, based on Singer's model of conditions for thought reform.

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