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2002 All-American Soap Box Derby
World Championships
Akron, Ohio

Welcome to the 65th running of the All-American Soap Box Derby! Derbymania, SBDnetwork and the All-American have once again formed the "I (Internet) Team" to bring you the 65th Running of the All-American LIVE on this website on Saturday, July 27, 2002. Throughout the week, we will also be updating this site with the latest news, information and photos from Akron!

Race Day 2002

Saturday, July 27, 2002
Derby Downs - Akron, Ohio

Final Results

1 Evan Griffin
2 Greg Feller
3 Samantha Underwood
4 Patrick Reinhart
5 Melanie Huffman
6 Kelly Stevens
7 Christina Boelter
8 Daniel Krone
9 Ali Abshier


Super Stock
1 Roger Youmans, Jr.
2 John Blais
3 Chris Hagan
4 Shannon Gallagher
5 Priscilla Martinez
6 Hiroshi Ito
7 Azelia Perales
8 Zak Boll
9 Clint Clemons


1 Cameron Vannatta
2 Ashley Porter
3 Lavera Allen
4 Kalene Powell
5 Chelsea Sloat
6 Adam Picard
7 David Bowman
8 Jacob Packard
9 Matthew Miller


Rally Masters
1 Amy Clemens
2 Katie Levy
3 Megan Evans

Rally Super Stock
1 Jim Fritz
2 Ashley Speeg
3 Samantha Stykel

Rally Stock
1 T.J. Pond
2 Jeffrey Holmes
3 Travis Callan

Heat by Heat Results

The Race is Complete!


Super Stock


World Rally Championship Heats


Super Stock


"Up & Down the Hill"


Race Day Pics #1
Race Day Pics #2

Official Heat/Lane Results Book

Race Day Schedule & Directions

Directions to Derby Downs

  • Masters & Rally Champs Arrive, Topside Arch/Derby Downs (7:30 AM)
  • Stock/Super Stock Champs Arrive, Topside/Derby Downs (8 AM)
  • Pancake Breakfast (Tickets available for sale at the door), Tent behind Grandstands/Derby Downs (8 AM - 10 AM)
  • Flag Raising - By Boy Scouts (9 AM)
  • AASBD Opening Ceremonies, Track/Derby Downs (9:30 AM)
  • Hall of Fame Open, Heisman Lodge/Derby Downs (10 AM - 4 PM)
  • National Anthem (10 AM)
  • Celebrity Oil Can Race (10:05 AM)
  • 1st Heat of the 65th All-American, Track/Derby Downs (10:15 AM)
  • Stock Division Final Heat (5 PM)
  • Super Stock Division Final Heat (5:05 PM)
  • Masters Division Final Heat (5:10 PM)
  • Soap Box Derby Salute to the Champions, Finish Line/Derby Downs (5:15 PM)
  • All Local Champions Stock, Super Stock & Masters (not Rally champions) will be transported by bus to Dinner then taken to Awards Presentation at EJ Thomas.
  • Awards Presentation, EJ Thomas Performing Arts Hall/U of A Campus (7 PM)

***Rally Champions have reserved seating at Awards Presentation in the front 3 rows of EJ Thomas Performing Arts Hall

Contact Official AASBD photographer Daniel Mainzer at:

Daniel Mainzer Photography
Phone: 330-923-5522
Email: DMainzer1@aol.com

Monday, July 22, 2002
Tuesday, July 23, 2002
Wednesday, July 24, 2002
Thursday, July 25, 2002
Friday, July 26, 2002

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