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Press Release: Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
       04/22/2003 12:07 by David "Auric" Hernly

All I can say is... whoa! Read And Rejoice:



X-Men 2 Star Brings to Life Cyber Heroine in the Highly Anticipated First-Person Action PC Game

BURBANK, Calif. — (April 22, 2003) — Buena Vista Games today announced the casting of Rebecca Romijn-Stamos as the voice of Mercury in TRON® 2.0, the highly anticipated first-person action PC title scheduled for nationwide release Aug. 26.

Romijn-Stamos, star of the upcoming X-Men 2 film and supermodel who has graced numerous magazine covers, including Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, Victoria’s Secret and Maxim, will heat up TRON 2.0’s Game Grid as the undefeated champion light cycle racer who teams up with lead character Jet Bradley to combat corruption in the computer world. Mercury is a fearless computer artificial intelligence or “Game Bot” who was created by an unknown user to help Jet navigate the dangers of a mysterious digital world. As players travel through more than 30 enormous game levels, Mercury will provide invaluable support by “de-rezzing” a host of corrupt computer characters, including Datawraiths, Seekers and Z-Lots.

In development by critically acclaimed Monolith Productions, TRON 2.0 is an action-packed story-driven title inspired by TRON, the groundbreaking science-fiction motion picture. The game takes place in present day, approximately 20 years after the events of the film. Playing as Jet Bradley, son of ENCOM programmer Alan Bradley from the movie, gamers are digitized into cyberspace and will race on light cycles, battle corruption both inside and outside of the computer world, and explore locations including the Internet Hub, Firewall, Corrupted Server and Light Cycle Game Grid.

“Mercury plays a critical role in TRON 2.0 by helping the player, as Jet Bradley, discover his new powers as a ‘User.’ She also helps to reveal intriguing background that explains what has been happening in the digital world in the past 20 years, the last time a human was digitized in the TRON storyline,” said Bob Picunko, director of marketing, Buena Vista Games. “Rebecca’s voice adds a new dimension to the character and provides the depth that we’re looking for in a powerful female lead.”

For more information about TRON 2.0, visit www.tron20.net.

New Disney Tron Pin Boxed Set
       04/17/2003 2:53 by David "Auric" Hernly

Disney has released a new pin set for Tron. The set includes a pin for Tron, the MCP, a disc, the logo, a recognizer, the bit and red and yellow lightcycles.

You can purchase it Here.

Game-Revolution Tron 2.0 Preview
       04/11/2003 3:13 by David "Auric" Hernly

Game-Revolution has their Tron 2.0 preview up. Nice article:
Set some 20 years after the events in the film (in other words, today), Tron 2.0 drops you into the horn-rimmed glasses of Jet Bradley, son of the Alan Bradley, the same guy who invented the Tron program. It seems that Alan has rediscovered the digitization technology that caused the whole debacle in the first place, a fact that the head honchos at evil corporation fCon find most interesting. Soon enough, Alan goes missing, and it's up to you as Jet to hop into the computer, find your dad, and quite possibly save the world.
You can view the entire article Here.

Report from PhillyClassic 4
       03/31/2003 10:54 by David "Auric" Hernly

Well I'm back from Philly. Took me 6 hours to drive up but it was worth it. Spent the day helping Cindy Morgan with her booth and drooling over all the classic games and consoles at the show. If you like the old-school games, then this was the show for you. They even had *new* releases for the Atari 2600 there.

The guys from QuarterArcade.com were kind enough to bring a Tron arcade and set it up for Cindy at the booth. She played a few rounds and kicked some MCP butt. Thanks again guys!

You can see some pictures from the event Here. And before you even ask... no the Tron-Sector T-Shirts are not for sale (for obvious legal reasons).

If you were at the show and have a picture with Cindy, let us know! Post in the forums if you have any questions for those that attended the convention.

UPDATE: Cindy-Morgan.com has also posted a few pictures from the event and autographed Yori photos are now available. - Esotek

Tron 2.0 Updated Preview at Gamespot
       03/28/2003 8:12 by - "Esotek" -

This article goes into detail about the 2.0 storyline and talks a bit about the multiplayer mode. Here is an excerpt...

...Tron 2.0 will have five multiplayer levels for use in its two main multiplayer modes. Tron 2.0's disc arena will resemble a traditional first-person shooter deathmatch mode, pitting players against each other in head-to-head combat.

Check out the entire article here : Gamespot's Tron 2.0 Updated Preview.

Q&A; with NECA Posted!
       03/20/2003 6:41 by - "Esotek" -

The March 2003 Q&A; with NECA is now online. Tron-Sector would like to thank Randy Falk of NECA for answering our questions. Also, in case some of you were not aware, the Tron 2.0 toys are now in stores. I will be posting a review of the figures soon. They are very impressive!

Click here to read the Q&A; with NECA.

Buena Vista Games
       03/15/2003 7:37 by David "Auric" Hernly

Gamespot is reporting that Disney Interactive will now be know as Buena Vista Games. Since DI was mainly publishing childrens titles, this makes sense in terms of marketing. Tron 2.0 will be Buena Vista Games first release.

Read the complete news item here.

March Issue of CFQ
       03/15/2003 10:17 by David "Auric" Hernly

The new issue of CFQ has hit the newsstand. It has some images and production stills even I had not seen before. Pretty meaty sized article, and it's written by our very own TronProgram!

And Yet Even More GDC...
       03/14/2003 10:59 by David "Auric" Hernly

IGN has their GDC wrap up of Tron 2.0 posted. Here is some of what they had to say:
So basically TRON 2.0 looks pretty freakin' nifty. The art style is definitely there to go with the story and universe. Controls are basic enough for anyone that has played an FPS before for most of it and the lightcycle looks and plays pretty good at this point. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of this sucker soon so we can get more in depth hands-on time with it.
Thanks to Miptex for the heads up. Be sure to check out the movies they snagged while at the conference. You can read the full review Here.

More GDC Coverage
       03/11/2003 9:09 by David "Auric" Hernly

GameSpot had this to say about Tron 2.0:

Tron 2.0 was also on display, and is being developed by Monolith with Disney Interactive chiming in as its publisher. The graphics are incredibly polished and in fact look better than the original movie did. Action will be the name of this game, and there will be plenty of it to keep you glued to your keyboard.

Read the entire GameSpot GDC roundup here, or read their Tron 2.0 preview here.

Thanks to Miptex for the review link.

Tron 2.0 Impressions GDC 2003
       03/09/2003 9:45 by - "Esotek" -

There is a recent review of 2.0 by John Callaham at Homelanfed.com. Here is an excerpt:

In addition to the traditional Tron trailing light walls feature in light cycle combat there are several power-ups in the game, including a shield that allows you to go through opponant's walls for a time and a sideways wall feature that fires short light walls from the left and right sides of your cycle in case you have a enemy right next to you.

Click here to read the complete review. Thanks to ChessMess for the link.

Want to be in the TRON 2.0 Game?!
       03/05/2003 8:23 by - "Esotek" -

From TRON20.Net...

One lucky winner will be selected by a random drawing and will have his or her photograph digitized into the TRON 2.0 PC game or demo as a poster or billboard. Contest ends March 23rd.

Visit www.tron20.net to register! Thanks to redrain85 for the news.

Computer Games Magazine Cover Article
       02/27/2003 4:03 by David "Auric" Hernly

The upcoming issue of CG will have a huge article on Tron 2.0, so check your local newsstand for the issue when it comes out!

Tron 2.0 news is starting to come in fast an furious! A great time for Tron fans.


Disney Interactive Press Release
       02/26/2003 7:46 by David "Auric" Hernly



First-Person PC Action Game Delivers High-Speed Light Cycle Racing and Furiously-Fast Disc Combat

BURBANK, Calif. — (Feb. 26, 2003) —TRON® 2.0, the highly anticipated PC game in development at Monolith Productions, will ship to retail stores Aug. 26, 2003. Inspired by TRON, the groundbreaking science fiction film, TRON 2.0 is a story-driven, first-person action title that digitizes gamers into the computer world. Playing as Jet Bradley, son of ENCOM programmer Alan Bradley from the film, gamers will race on light cycles, battle corruption both inside and outside of the computer world, and explore locations including the Internet Hub, Firewall and light cycle Game Grid.

“Twenty years ago TRON was ahead of its time for both its use of special effects and its concept of technology,” said Bob Picunko, director of marketing, TRON 2.0. “Today, we find ourselves in the unique position of creating a computer game that is based on a film about a game. Advanced technology is finally available for us to realize the original vision for the movie in the upcoming TRON 2.0.”

The focus of the development effort has been to create an epic adventure with innovative gameplay, while capturing the unique visual style of the film. Players, armed with an assortment of digital weapons, shields and gadget subroutines, challenge other programs on the light cycle Game Grid, contend with deadly adversaries and circumvent dangerous obstacles as they travel through never-before-seen settings in PC gaming.

“TRON 2.0 follows the vision and true spirit of the film,” said Steven Lisberger, writer and director of the TRON film. “Monolith has done an incredible job.”

TRON 2.0 will be available on PC format. For more information visit www.tron20.net.

About Monolith Productions
Monolith Productions, Inc. is one of the game industry's largest independent development houses focused on creating high profile, triple-A quality products across multiple platforms. Monolith's goal is to create inventive, entertaining products that combine competitive technology with superior artistic content. For more information on Monolith, visit www.lith.com

About Disney Interactive
Disney Interactive, Inc., a worldwide leader in the creation of innovative interactive entertainment, develops, markets and globally distributes a wide variety of interactive family-oriented entertainment, educational and sports CD-ROMs and video games. Disney Interactive is the multimedia arm of The Walt Disney Company's Consumer Products business unit. For more information on Disney Interactive's products, visit www.disneyinteractive.com.

TRON®. Owned by Cooper Industries, Inc. and used by permission.


Please see the Image Gallery for *new* Screenshots!

Thanks to DaveTRON and Disney Interactive for sending us the info & images.

Cindy Morgan to Appear at PhillyClassic 4
       02/26/2003 1:21 by - "Esotek" -

Cindy will be appearing and signing autographs March 29th at the Valley Forge Convention Center at 1160 First Avenue King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania for PhillyClassic 4.

PhillyClassic is the East Coast Classic Gamer's Event. Celebrating good clean gaming fun on everything from Atari to Xbox. PC4 will feature coin-op arcade games set on free play, classic home gaming stations, arcade and console tournaments, a huge marketplace with everything gamers dream about including home console systems from 1970-2003, games, accessories, memorabilia, and rarities.

See the Philly Classic Website for more information about PC4.

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