Metro Monorail and Light Rail are proudly operated by Connex,
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Overview of Connex Worldwide and in Australia:
Connex is the leading private operator of passenger transportation in Europe and one of the leaders worldwide.

Covering a full range of bus, tramway, metro and train services its 49,000 employees manage and operate more than 230 road and rail networks in 20 countries throughout the world.

Connex worldwide is responsible for over 1 billion passenger trips per year and posted a 2001 revenue of A$5.5 billion.

Connex is well established in Europe and has a strong presence in the United States, South America and in Asia Pacific.

Its main expertise in managing integrated urban and right-of-way transport systems has made Connex a leading operator in metropolitan transportation.

Connex Group Australia was established in 1997 and since that time has been successful in securing transport operations encompassing buses, trams, trains and monorail in Australia and the Pacific.

Connex Group Australia employs 1,300 staff with yearly revenue around $220 million and is responsible for 80 million passenger trips per year.

Since 1997, Connex Group Australia has expanded significantly with plans to continue development both in Australia and Asia Pacific.

As with Connex Worldwide, Connex Group Australia's expansion is based on its expertise, decentralised organisation, aggresive commercial capacity and a long lasting relationship and mutual trust with the local Authoirty.

New South Wales Operations:
Rail: In August 1998 the company purchased the Monorail and was awarded the management contract for the Light Rail system in Sydney. In early 2001, Connex sold its share of the Monorail and was awarded the operating contract for the Monorail and re-awarded the Light Rail systems for seven years on behalf of its new owners, Metro Transport Sydney.

Buses: In late 1999 Connex NSW purchased Southtrans Bus Company and was rebranded to Connex Southtrans in August 2000. Connex NSW has since been successful in purchasing other private bus operators such as Pioneer Coaches (January 2001) and Crossley's (November 2001). Today this network is now known as 'Connex'.

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Victoria Operations:
In Melbourne, Connex was successful in its bid to operate Hillside Train network. The fifteen-year contract commenced in August 1999 and accounts for 5 per cent of the Connex worldwide operations. Hillside Trains was relaunched as Connex Trains Melbourne in July 2000.

New Caledonia Operations:
In June 2001, Connex won the bid to create and manage the suburban network of the Grand Noumea in New Caledonia. The contract was signed for a 15 year period and represents 75 staff (including 60 bus drivers) and 32 brand new vehicles. The new network was launched in February 2002 under the Carsud brand.