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Sun tracking down

"Empowering Sun with the potential for profitability"

By Eva Glass: Monday 03 March 2003, 09:50

A MEMO PURPORTING to be from a Sun executive and addressed to Adrian Wajsbrem complains that his firm is unable to reach a site called, over at, today.

The web site, which you can find here, is indeed run by Adrian Wajsbrem and describes itself as a "strategic solution for Sun Microsystems Inc and its CEO Scott McNealy".

Wajsbrem says the site is "empowering Sun with the potential to vastly increase its profitability" but we suspect that the big tin firm is not too interested in that.

It quotes the hero of its page as saying: "You have zero privacy anyway.. get over it", but we suspect that a sense of humour is not high up on Sun Microsystems' list of corporate values.

The memo – and who knows if it is genuine or no – lists a whole bunch of Sun servers that have been denied access to the site. µ

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