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History: Ancient Greeks - magnifyHistory: Ancient Greeks Xenon Ware: Miniature Vases

Welcome to Object Lessons, the 'online educational museum' based on East Sussex County Council's Art and Museum Service collections.

Object Lessons features a huge range of objects and artefacts from civilisations across the world and through thousands of years of history. Here you can find the discoveries, beliefs, art, crafts and everyday lives of people past and present. You can also explore the nature of our planet; what it is made of and what lives, or lived on it.

Geography: India - magnifyGeography: India Child's Festival Jacket

There are puzzles, timelines, zoom-ins and 360 degree views for you to interact with. They put you in control, test your knowledge and hopefully, let you have fun while you explore Object Lessons.

Geology: Crystals - magnifyGeology: Crystals Quartz. w 9.5cm

Would you like to see what the X-ray camera found inside a mummy? Or visit an Air Raid Warden's House? Or maybe discover how Romans cleaned out their ears? Well here you can get really close up to the objects that bring the past alive.

The menus at the top of this window let you browse the entire collection. The search engines on the left hand side let you choose your own topics. We hope you enjoy your time at Object Lessons, and hopefully along the way, learn something new.