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FTC Announces Calendar for Implementation of the National "Do Not Call" Registry

Statement of Timothy J. Muris
Regarding the Do Not Call Registry

Consumers: Interested in the national "do not call" registry? Click here!

Are you a telemarketer or seller? Learn how the new Rule will affect you!

Want more info on the amended TSR? Read our Q&As.

Introduction Section The "Do Not Call" Registry

The "Do Not Call" RegistryThe National "Do Not Call" Registry
Amendment to the Telemarketing Sales Rule

The FTC will not allow private companies or other such third parties to "pre-register" consumers for the national Do Not Call registry. Web sites or phone solicitations that claim they can or will register a consumer's name or phone number on a national list – especially those that charge a fee – are a scam. Consumers will be able to register directly with the FTC, or through some state governments, but never private companies.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has amended the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) to give consumers a choice about whether they want to receive most telemarketing calls. Consumers soon will be able to put their phone numbers on a national “do not call” registry. It will be illegal for most telemarketers to call a number listed on the registry.

Beginning in July, consumers will be able to put their telephone numbers on the national registry, which telemarketers subsequently will be required to access. When registration opens in July, consumers can register for free in two ways: online or by telephone. The FTC will announce the Web site URL for online registration and the toll-free number in June. To better manage the anticipated volume of registrations, initial sign-up by phone for the registry will be phased in, region-by-region, over an eight-week period. Online registration will be available throughout the United States in July. As of October it will be illegal for most telemarketers to call a number listed on the registry.

In addition to establishing the national “do not call” registry, the amended TSR calls for other changes, including limiting abandoned calls, restricting unauthorized billing and requiring telemarketers to transmit Caller ID information.

This site has information for you – whether you’re a consumer interested in signing up for the national “do not call registry,” or a telemarketer or seller interested in learning more about your responsibilities under the amended TSR. This site will be updated with new information, including the initial date when registration will begin, a link to online registration, and expanded information for businesses. So check back often for all you need to know about the national “do not call” registry and the amended TSR.

Last updated: April 18, 2003

The "Do Not Call" Registry
The "Do Not Call" Registry
FTC - For the Consumer
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