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  • New Baronial Champions!

    Tournaments and competitions were held at Quest to select the new Baronial Champions. They are:

    Champion of Arms - Donnan Fitzgerald
    Champion of Fence - Orlando
    Thrown Weapons Champion - Cuthbad a'Bheithir
    Archery Champion - Damiana
    Bardic Champion - Donnan Fitzgerald
    Arts & Sciences Champion - Alexander the Younger

  • Pennsic 32

    If you plan on camping with Settmour Swamp at Pennsic, you MUST do the following:

    1. Have pre-registered with the campground (Deadline was June 1st)

    2. Send in a Settmour registration form (available as .html or a Word document.)

    3. Send a Land Allocation form (.html or Word document) to the Land Agent. This new "point system" wll help determine who gets to camp by the treeline. It gives preference to those people who have done work for Settmour recently and over the years.

  • Duke Andreas has been called up to active duty overseas.

    You can send him mail or care packages at:

    CWO Andre Sinou USMC
    6TH MT BN Light Company
    UIC 42407
    FPO AP 96426-2407

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