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Board of Trustees

Hudson Institute Board of Trustees

Mission Statement



Staff by Location

Board of Trustees

Open Positions

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

  • Walter P. Stern

  • Vice Chairmen of the Board of Trustees

  • Allan R. Tessler
  • Joseph M. Giglio

  • Board of Trustees

       Executive Committee

    Trustee Emeriti

  • Jeffrey T. Bergner
  • Conrad Black
  • Linden S. Blue
  • Rudy Boschwitz
  • Charles H. Brunie
  • Joseph Epstein
  • Joseph M. Giglio
  • Allan B. Hubbard
  • Roy Innis
  • Jane Kahn
  • Paul J. Klaassen
  • Marie-Josee Kravis
  • Andre B. Lacy
  • L. Ben Lytle
  • Robert H. McKinney
  • John M. Mutz
  • Neil H. Offen
  • Richard N. Perle
  • Steuart L. Pittman
  • George A. Schaefer, Jr.
  • Wallace O. Sellers
  • Max Singer
  • Walter P. Stern
  • Stephen A. Stitle
  • Allan R. Tessler
  • Jeffrey H. Thomasson
  • John C. Wohlstetter
  • Linden S. Blue
  • Joseph M. Giglio
  • Marie-Josee Kravis
  • Robert H. McKinney
  • Wallace O. Sellers
  • Walter P. Stern
  • Allan R. Tessler
  • Thomas J. Donohue
  • James H. Dowling
  • Pierre S. du Pont IV
  • Kenneth Duberstein
  • Roger D. Fisher
  • Craig L. Fuller
  • Gay Hart Gaines
  • Alexander M. Haig, Jr.
  • Bernadine P. Healy, M.D.
  • Frederick W. Hill
  • Donald Kagan
  • Emmanuel A. Kampouris
  • Harold D. Marshall
  • Dan Quayle (Honorary)
  • Ian M. Rolland
  • Daniel C. Searle
  • Roger D. Semerad
  • Beurt SerVaas
  • Paul G. Stern
  • Jay Van Andel
  • Edward Wanandi

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