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The Service First and Modernising Government programmes have now been completed. The information previously held on this site is no longer relevant and is not being maintained.

To learn about reform of public services, you may find the following sites useful:

Prime Ministerís Office of Public Service Reform 
Prime Ministerís Delivery Unit
Civil Service Reform 

Charter Mark Website

If you work in the public sector, you can access our good practice database and other useful information via the Public Sector Benchmarking Service.

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Welcome to the Cabinet Office Consultation Web Site

Consultation Code of Practice  
The Code sets new standards for consultation documents issued by the government. It aims to increase the involvement of people and groups in public consultations, minimising the burden it imposes on them, and giving them a proper time - a standard minimum period of twelve weeks - to respond.  The criteria in this Code apply to all UK national public consultations on the basis of a document in electronic or printed form. They will also often be relevant to other sorts of consultation.  

Register of Cabinet Office consultation documents
a register of all consultation documents issued by the Cabinet Office.

Online register of government consultations
Consultations let you offer your views to government on policy or legislation.  The citizen portal lets you view, find and respond to current consultations.  Click here to access a proforma for departments and agency to use to publish consultations on the register.

Guidance on government research into public attitudes and opinions
This guidance is intended to assist policy makers in UK Government departments and agencies who are considering whether to commission research which seeks the views and opinions of members of the public Ė for example face-to-face interviews, telephone and postal surveys, focus groups and "Citizensí Juries". It does not aim to cover formal consultation exercises which are covered by the Code of Practice shown above.

Consulting Ethnic Minorities: An Introduction For Public Services Basic guidance on consulting ethnic minorities. 
Best Practice
Links to case studies of innovative and good practice in public participation, best practice guidance, and other consultation web sites.
Frequently Asked Questions
Replies to many of the questions we are asked.

For further information, please contact:

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