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Henrik 2002.12.12
  I'm still trying to finish the main part of the page, therefore there will be no news updates. The news updates will start as soon as the news-script is built.
Henrik 2002.11.14
  Some changes have been made, and im almost done with the design.
Henrik 2002.11.12
  Just started building the page up, my goal is to build up a site, wich has a admini-strator inteface, built in PHP. The page is for educational pruposes.
Welcome to Hussfelt.net - the *randome quotes*

Hello there, so you have found the secret hideout of hussfelt.net have you. This page will show you a bit of my (Henrik Hussfelt) work, not only on this page, but other pages designed and built by me.

A little quick guide about this page, so that you won't get lost...


This is where you are right now, if you hav'nt noticed.


This page contains the work I've been doing for other peoples hompages or companypages. It'll also contains small programs or other things I've might come up with.


You can find varios applications that I'm using, and some other stuff.


If you need to get in touch with me, my e-mail address is posted here. There is also a Form wich you can fill in to reach me, and also ICQ number.

In Progress

In this page, you will find some information about what I'm working on right now, as you read this text.

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