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The KDevelop Project
The KDevelop-Project was raised in 1998 to build up an easy to use C/C++ IDE (Integrated Development Enviroment) for Unix. Since then, the KDevelop IDE is publicly available under the GPL and supports KDE/Qt, GNOME, plain C and C++ projects. Please contact us for sponsoring or help offers.
News of 1999
27 December 1999 - Alexis Mikhailov made a patch to allow using of Ht://Dig as search engine. This patch was sponsored through CoSource.

12 December 1999 - Andreas Richter made a binary package of the KDE Development Kit (includes KDevelop,KDbg,KTranslator and some other tools) for FreeBSD 3.x . download here.

9 December 1999 - New binaries are available on our ftp mirrors. Now you will find there RPMs for SuSE, RedHat, Debian and Unixware. Others will follow soon, of course only if you help us.

8 December 1999 - Today two links were added to the development tools section :
The first one goes to the QPL licensed IDE Moonshine,and the second one is the QextMDI library, which allows you to make windowed MDI applications. It's cool enough, that we will use it in the HEAD branch.
Also I fixed some minor bugs in the homepage.

6 December 1999 - Release of KDevelop 1.0 and the KDE Development Kit
We are proud to to announce, that we got the 1.0 version finally done. As our christmas present to you :-) we made up the KDK to make your KDE developer life a little bit easier. Just checkout this page to find out what it contains.

30 November 1999 - John Birch updated his great debugger patch for KDevelop.

25 November 1999 - Roland Schäfer and Christian Couder released a patch to show bookmark icons. Here it is.

21 November 1999 - A "Bugs & Ongoing Work" has been added to the site. The information about on going work is currently fake, but you can help making it up to date by sending us a note.

15 November 1999 - Ian Reinhart Geiser released first version of his Kpp (KDevelop Project to SPEC file converter).

13 November 1999 - Christian Couder implemented the "Comment/Uncomment blocks of code" feature. You can download the patch here.

9 November 1999 - a KDevelop binary package for FreeBSD is now avaible. Thanks to Andreas Richter.

8 November 1999 - the documentation is avaible in pdf format now. Thanks to Kenny G. Dubuisson

3 November 1999 - KDbg 1.0final released.

31 October 1999 - Visual Developer published an article about KDevelop and KDE programming.

31 October 1999 - John Birch updated his debugger patch for KDevelop. This new version adds watch variables, program status and bug fixes.

31 October 1999 - we recieved KDevelop1.0Beta4.1 binary packages for Mandrake6.1,SuSE6.2 and Debian2.2. Heh that's fast!:-)

30 October 1999 - KDevelop 1.0Beta4.1 released, this version fixes some problems in Beta4. We are sorry for that. If you have Beta4 already you can download a patch.

29 October 1999 - Richard Dale updated his Objective-C patch for KDevelop. You can download it here

29 October 1999 - we received KDevelop1.0Beta4 binary packages for SuSE 6.2,RedHat 6.x and Mandrake 6.1. Some older versions are also avaible for UnixWare, FreeBSD, LinuxPPC, Solaris .... Thanks to all packagers!

27 October 1999 - KDevelop 1.0Beta4 released ,this version contains many important bugfixes, an improved classparser and translations into 16 languages

25 October 1999 - KDevelop binaries for Solaris 2.5/2.6 and 7 are now available at www.freeware4sun.com

11 October 1999 - added "Made with KDevelop" logos by Jacek Wojdel

08 October 1999 - KDevelop interview at the KDEForum

29 September 1999 - added plugins & patches section.

28 September 1999 - KDbg 1.0 Beta 3 released.

24 September 1999 - KDevelop 1.0Beta3 released

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Discussion board for KDevelop, KDE and Qt related stuff.
Picture Corner
KDevelop 3.0 (Gideon) for KDE 3.x in IDEAl mode
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KLogo-Turtle by Euclides Chuma
KPlayer by kiriuja
KRelais by Burkhard Brauer
klineakconfig by Sheldon Lee-Wen
RPPPPoEKontrol by Christian Nitschkowski
2003-06-12 Alexander Dymo
* Trollproject:
- Existing files could be added to a project with a relative path or
they could be symlinked instead of just copying
- Implemented removing files from IMAGES and IDLS groups
- Set run environment variables and program arguments when launching
the executable (thanks to Mario Scalas for the patch)
- Correct "Link convenience library inside project" functionality (thanks to
Mario Scalas for the patch)

2003-06-11 Hamish Rodda
* Implemented "Debug in KDevelop" hook into drkonqi (the KDE crash
handler). Press the button and kdevelop attaches to the process
and brings up the frame stack, as long as the binary name of the
process is the same as your binary. Requires an update to
kdebase/drkonqi to work (runtime dependency).

2003-06-07 Mario Scalas
* Stepped back from using Pimpl in part design since it does only complicate code without any of its
advantages in this case
* Added an option for adding the message for the commit operation to the master ChangeLog
(located in <projectDirectory>/Changawait for comments for further changes.
* CommitDlg now uses QTextEdit instead of (deprecated) QMultiLineEdit
* This log was written using the CvsPart! :)

2003-05-27 F@lk Brettschneider
* compiles and runs on KDE-3.0 again

2003-05-26 Roberto Raggi
* New Java support

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