Meet The Models

An interactive site of photos, photo stories and videos

Members--Girls Members--Boys is two sites combined under one name. Each has its own staff of photographers and each work exclusively with either boy models or girl models. Every week Meet the Models produces and publishes over five hundred photographs of beautiful Asian boy and girl child models.

The $19.95 monthly membership fee for Meet-the-Models boys or girls (each are separate accounts) provides the following benefits:

THE PHOTO MODELS: Each site features twenty or more Asian child models between the ages of six and fourteen.. Each site produces ten original series per week and each series contains twenty-five or more photographs - for a total of over two hundred and fifty new photographs every week. With a total of five weeks stored on the web-site, new members will immediately have access to over 1,250 photographs.

THE PHOTO STORIES: (A series of photographs that tell a story.) The staff at Meet-the-Models prides itself on the creativity of our photo stories. Each week one or more series is devoted to more than just quality photographs. We try, with the aid of a camera, to tell a story that will amuse (possibly sadden) but hopefully will be of visual interest to our members.

VIDEO CLIPS: Short videos we produce of the models doing...whatever. Past video clips have included: dance routines, special outings, finger painting, wrestling, messily eating a chocolate bar - anything that we or the models think might be entertaining.

SPONSOR A MODEL: All of our models are chosen specifically for their poise, fine features and grace, but in reality they and their families live in poverty. Members can sponsor a model if they wish and have the financial resources do so. Through this sponsorship program members are able to actually communicate with the models of their choice. In this way sponsors knows that their money got to the model they sponsored and receive some feed-back of how the money was actually spent. (Many of members sponsor a particular model continually, paying for school fees, providing a clothing allowance, etc and have made a real difference in the life of both the child and their immediate family.)

DIRECT YOUR OWN PHOTO-SHOOT: Our models receive an income each time they pose for a photo session. Consequently we like to make use of them as often as possible. We have a staff of photographers that are willing to take your photo-shoot idea and make it a reality. Prices vary depending on a number of factors, but if you have an idea for a photo-shoot or photo story you would like to see created - we can probably do it!