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My Game Room
2/24/2003 -
Food Fight and Pleiades got new monitors installed today! Man what a difference. The displays are so crisp and clean!
2/23/2003 -
A six month game project comes to an end! After a four and half round trip due to rain, snow removal, related traffic, paperwork, fees and US customs, I finally received the Swedish Breakout machine! Fortunately it survived the trip 100%. Nothing was broken and it powers up. I'm still figuring how to adjust it for 110 volts instead of 220 volts. :)
2/16/2003 -
Today I restored my Food Fight control panel and I installed the NOS joystick. The game plays flawlessly now!
2/10/2003 -


Ever seen an NOS Food Fight joystick, or better yet an NOS Pepper 2 joystick?! Can't believe I found these babies, but they are truly cherry. Can't believe how new they feel. Ready to bolt in! I'm waiting for a repro Food Fight cp overlay to restore the entire control panel. And in a couple weeks, Food Fight is also getting a new WG K7200 monitor to boot!

Found a great deal on new and factory rebuilt WG K7200's at WICO for $209 a piece. Saved me $140 on three monitors that I intend to use for Food Fight, Pleiades and Time Pilot. Pepper 2 and Dig Dug may need new monitors too but I need to see if I can fix them as-is.

Since I settled on my favorite 20 games, I am now focusing my attention on making them as mint as possible. The 20th game will be a MAME machine aka ArcadePC - later this year. :)
1/27/2003 -

Today was a great day. I finally received the last shipment from Happ Controls to make my Assault joysticks look and play like new again! When I got Assault the joysticks were really worn and eventually the original joystick housings broke on me. Not only that but the trigger switches were missing. I had to improvise ever since to make Assault playable. In late 2001 I was lucky enough to find a pair of NOS Atari joysticks in order to rebuild my Assault sticks. This past month I learned that Happ Controls still manufactures the left and right joystick housings, the trigger switches and new hardware to bolt them all together! This is so awesome!
1/11/2003 -

At last! Here are some preview pics of my up and coming acquisition, Break Out, but this isn't just any ordinary Break Out machine! It's in a European style wall cabinet! I was really fortunate to have my contact in Sweden find one of these babies in working, pristine condition! More pics on the way when I receive it here in the States next month!
12/18/2002 -

After a year in waiting I came across Burger Time from a local collector this past weekend in very good condition! I was so stoked that I bought a whole bunch of new and reproed items to make the game look and play even better.
12/15/2002 - My flyer collection has almost reached 1,800 flyers!!! A lot of luck brought me a few great deals on flyers from abroad this past year. Everywhere from Japan to Sweden to France.

Also in the works is another game for my collection: Break Out in a unique wall cabinet that was popular in Europe. Break Out was licensed to Cherry Foretagen by Atari for the European market. You can see this game on the flyer. More news when the game arrives next year...
09/16/2002 - I finally updated all the pics of my gameroom, and made entries for the three latest additions, Food Fight, Ms. Pac-Man, and Zoo Keeper. Also the Arcade Sounds section now hosts the latest releases, Video Games IV and Video Games V. In the last six months, video game flyers has been my priority over more games, but I am still keeping my eye out for an upright Burger Time in excellent condition.
It wasn't until I experience Videotopia at the National Press Building (Washington, DC) in January 1998 that I discovered that classic video games still exist, and it wasn't until I found a retailer in Springfield, VA that I realized they were also for sale. That summer I bought my first two video games, Donkey Kong and Time Pilot. I purchased them from a place near Springfield, VA called Home Arcade. Both units were in decent shape, and I slowly restored them after finding NOS parts off of Ebay.

In the last three years, I collected my first top twenty video games, but recently down-sized to sixteen. It was difficult - not because I couldn't find the games, but because I couldn't decide on which games I had to have NOW and which ones I could pass up. Sometimes I was content having just ten games, while at another time I had forty games on my want list. Luckily I found a realistic number of games I could both house and afford, and finally I can share photographs of my collection with the rest of the collecting community.

All of my games are in very good or better condition, and I purchased half of them through the Internet and the other half through local retailers such as Home Arcade and the PA Gameroom Warehouse.
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