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KDE is a powerful Open Source graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations. It combines ease of use, contemporary functionality, and outstanding graphical design with the technological superiority of the Unix operating system.

Latest Announcements

KOffice 1.3 Beta 2 Released
On June 18th 2003, the KDE Project released the second beta version of KOffice 1.3. It comes with a lot of bugfixes and a couple of new features compared to KOffice 1.3 Beta 1. Read more in the KOffice 1.3 Beta 2 release notes and in the KOffice 1.3 Beta 2 changelog.

KDE 3.1.2 Released
On May 19th 2003, the KDE Project released KDE 3.1.2. Read the KDE 3.1 New Feature Guide or the detailed KDE 3.1.2 change log. For packages, please visit the KDE 3.1.2 info page and browse the KDE 3.1 Requirements list. Read more in the KDE 3.1.2 announcement.

KDevelop 3.0 Alpha 4 Released
On April 18th 2003, the KDevelop Project released the fourth Alpha Release of the Gideon development branch. Read more at and in the changelog.

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Latest Applications

Date Application / Release KDE
23 June Qt 3.2.0b2
the C++ GUI library upon which KDE is based
  KnokiiSync 0.2.3
a KDE Address Book to gnokii-compatible phones synchronization program
  KJpeg2Avi 0.1.1a
a program to convert a series of images to an AVI-MJPEG video
  LabPlot 1.1
a 2D and 3D function and data plotting program
21 June KMuddy 0.5
a MUD client

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