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Pullman Square is a new Town Center being developed in Downtown Huntington, West Virginia. This 200,000 sf project is a major new development for the Huntington market and will serve as the retail and entertainment destination gathering spot not only for the greater Huntington area but also for the tri-state market area including parts of West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky, which surround the Huntington market.

Pullman Square will combine a strong activity generator - a new state-of-the-art multiplex movie theater (the only one in the market) - with an exciting assortment of specialty retail shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.

The project is located in the heart of downtown and has been designed with a primary focus on pedestrian circulation. The streetscape will have storefronts, restaurants and cafes that spill onto the street. A town square will be the centerpiece of the project and will serve as a great public gathering space that will be programmed with events such as street fairs, concerts and festivals on a year round basis.

Pullman Square will add to the existing activity in the downtown area - the restaurants, shops, offices, hotels, convention center and riverfront activities. The project will be a place where people come to eat, shop, socialize and entertain themselves. The layout, architecture, landscaping, hardscape and ongoing animation efforts will all create an unparalleled shopping and entertainment district for this market.

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