I love Charnel Gods. Go figure. What I didn't count on was so many other people loving it. If you're browsing this page and wondering what the big deal is, these links express it better than anything I could write here.

Days of Yore and Gore

Realizing Charnel Gods

Charnel Gods - Fell Weapons

Beastmasters and Three Beasts for Charnel Gods

Charnel Gods...MMM, Tasty

I've got my own Charnel Gods stories to tell as well.  Here you can read the very first playtest account:

Sorcerer, CobbCon, and Charnel Gods

One of the outstanding benefits I reaped while working on Charnel Gods was getting to know three fantastic artists - Jeremy McHugh, D. Malachi Penney, and Dave Hendee. Dave's awesome depiction of the Nameless One, Gutterblax, can be seen here on this page. The links below are to a couple early teaser pages, the first featuring Malachi's portrait of the hero Rowan in action, and the second Jeremy's grim rendering of one sorcerer laying low another (and featuring the Fell Sword Trinfindel):

Rowan and the Beastmen

The Horselord's Last Stand

And finally, this last link shows you a piece of art that is included in the pdf, but which most people probably miss. Now, for the first time, it can be seen in its full glory. And yes, that is the same hero and location as depicted upon the cover, but separated by a span of many years; the hero has returned to this place to meet his fate on the Hanging Tree.

The Tree of Dead Heroes

Finally, if you're still curious about the game, you can download a preview here. This is an early version of the manuscript, so a few imperfections exist, but you can see even more of the art, learn about the setting, and enjoy Matt Snyder's distinctive graphic design. Rest assured, the full PDF is even better.