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  RM-X 0-8-4 pack for WA3 [Component ID: 125421] Public Rating
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Component By: Darkain Dragoon
Number of Downloads:
 30,932 so far
Date Published:
 February 1, 2003 @ 1:36 AM

Darkain Dragoon's Comments:
 Featured Component, August 8, 2002. RM-X General Purpose Control v0.8.4 plus a few added bonuses. RM-X allows you to control Winamp via Keyboard, Multimedia Keyboard, Gamepads, Joysticks, Stearing Wheels, RM-900 Remote, RM-1000(w) Remote, iR2000 Remote, RemoteWonder, over a TCP connection, or by just about any other way the mind can think up! Everything you need to get started controlling your media from that list is included in this small download package. The extra bonus features of this release include the ATI RemoteWonder support, a NetSlave Client, and control EXE files that can be used a the command prompt or anywhere you want to use them. RM-X version 0.8.x features a countless amount of bug fixes and changes over all previous version. This version was a 100% total re-write from scratch, making everyting the best it can from the begining. RC-MAN no longer requires RemoteCenter installed, thanks to the internal driver known as IntelliRemote.
Staff Review:
 A plethora of remote controlling Allows for you to control Winamp by way of keyboard shortcuts, joysticks, gamepads, multimedia keyboards, RM remotes, network, etc. Fairly straightforward in terms of setup and configuration. Right click on Winamp main window, go to 'windows/rm-x general purpose control.' Overall functional component to remotely control Winamp ...thouroughly. New version rewritten from scratch.
Winamp User Opinion:
Jon Russell gave it
Love it posted on March 28, 2003 @ 9:12 PM
Such a usefull tool for multimedia keyboards if you're the kind of person who playes music behind full screen games, This is THE BEST CHOICE of plugin for those who hate alt-tabbing during an intense gaming moment. The very fact that it still receves the command even while winamp is in the background makes it one of the most usefull plugins I've seen. Definatley expertly developed.
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