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Farm Attacks : Farm attacks from July 2002
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From: Jack Galt  (Original Message)Sent: 7/4/2002 4:16 PM

SA Policeman murdered on farm named "Peace" (Vrede):
Killed: Willie Fredericks, 38; injured, Haneline Jantjies, police reservists, Vrede farm, Stellenbosch: (Farm Murder Nr. 1,336 in South Africa since 1994)
13th farmer murdered in Zimbabwe:
Killed: Dr Roy "Tom" Raub, 79, US citizen, Zimbabwean game rancher
July 2, 2002 - STELLENBOSCH -- SA Police reservist constable Willie Fredericks (38) has died after being shot on a Vrede farm near Stellenbosch, and his colleague, Haneline Jantjies, is in hospital after the two police reservists were ambushed while investigating a complaint about strangers on the farm.
The two police reservists were attacked by an armed seven-member gang upon their arrival, overpowered, robbed of their service pistols and shot.
Police have arrested the entire gang of attackers.  A Tokarev pistol, 9mm ammunition and a vehicle were also recovered.
"Only good white farmer is a dead farmer..." comment by police superintendent
Meanwhile the police trade union Popcru has defended a recent public statement by a non-white senior police officer in the Northern Cape, superintendent Anthony du
Preez, who was quoted in the media as saying that "The only good (white) farmer is a dead farmer."
Popcru's Northern Cape chairperson Tony Modise said Du Preez remarks had been "taken out of context." Apparently Du Preez had made these remarks while conducting a
so-called "capacity-building workshop" for police officials in Vanderkloof in April.
The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) has called for Du Preez's suspension, while the alleged comment is being probed further. "Du Preez does not belong in
public service, if that was comment had been quoted correctly in the newsmedia, and what he allegedly said is viewed as a crime," ACDP provincial leader Reverend Kenneth Meshoe said.
Popcru's Modise said: ". the malicious and unfounded attack by the ACDP before a probe is finalised is uncalled for."
Du Plessis has been neither suspended nor in any way reprimanded, although provincial police commissioner Watty McKaiser was said to have launched an 'an internal
investigation' into the matter.

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From: Jack Galt Sent: 7/4/2002 5:22 PM
Two ethnic-Indian farmers attacked in KwaZulu-Natal: one unnamed Inanda farmer dead; Rajan Govender of Verulam in hospital

Durban - July 4, 2002 - One unnamed Indian farmer was killed and another injured after they were attacked by at least four armed men at their farm houses near Inanda early on Sunday-morning in two seperate farm attacks. The attackers had even taken the trouble to poison the farm dogs of Rajan Govender of Verulam.
Police however failed to name the murdered ethnic-Indian farmer who was attacked that same day,  in Inanda. A large group of armed attackers was said to have been responsible for this murder early on Sunday morning -but there's a shortage of further details.  
In respect to the other attack, Inspector Michael Read said the men entered Rajan Govender's Verulam house around 2.30 on Sunday. Govender's son Denver, 22,  heard a noise and his father went outside to investigate. When Govender opened the door, he was confronted by four armed men.
One shot Govender in the hip. They then locked Govender's wife and daughter in the bathroom. They poisoned two of Govender's dogs.
Before running away, the farm attackers stole three rifles, two pistols and an undisclosed amount of money from a safe.

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From: Jack GaltSent: 7/4/2002 4:20 PM
 'Racial attack on Afrikaner pensioner shot at, assaulted, robbed by long-time employee who called him a "white bastard"

July 4, 2002 - An illegal Zimbabwean who had worked as a gardener for his elderly employer Crhis Wienand, 70, for the past four years, attacked and handcuffed the old man, called him a "white bastard" , tortured him for an hour, tried choking him with a towel and then robbed him.
Mr Wienand, a retired mineworker who lives in Krugersdorp, said he had felt sorry for a young destitute Zimbabwean refugee named Ene Welcome four years ago, had found him a place to live, gave him a gardening job, daily food, pay and clothes - and even furniture.
This man on Tuesday morning showed up, armed with a pistol, threatened him and said: "today you are a dead man,"  and fired a shot at him which missed him by inches. he then was joined by another African man.
The old man had put up a struggle, but the men beat him up, overpowered him and started choking him to death with a towel, handcuffing him with police handcuffs.
He said he prayed while they wrapped the towel around his neck and face, and the handcuffs were put on so deliberately tightly that it felt as if they were cutting through his wrist bones.
Dumped into the bathroom, the two then searched the house for money and guns.
"I asked Welcome why he was doing this to me. He replied that I was one of the 'white bastards'. I have never seen such a look as that one in his eyes."
Wienand said he managed to crawl on his stomach towards the security gate in the hallway, locked it and started screaming at the top of his lungs to alert the neighbours.
Two two racist attackers managed to flee with about R120 ($12) in lose change, a disfunctional cellphone, a pair of old glasses and Wienand's old false teeth.
Farm defenders do a great job of keeping North West farms safe -- arrest at least two farm murder suspects
Lieze du Preez of Beeld newspaper reports:
Potchefstroom. - July 4, 2002 -- The protection of farms and rural areas in the North West is being streamlined in a highly pro-active policing programme called Akantus II which seems to bear considerable fruit, with at least two suspected farm murderers, one suspected rapist, a drug dealer with 23kg of marijuana and also confiscated two stolen handguns, and found 44 illegal immigrants camped out on farms.
In April and May, the security action groups visited 4,840 farms, searched 1,758 vehicles and questioned 3,586 rural pedestrians on farms.
They arrested two farm murder suspects and 9 South African residents for various offenses including rape, robbery and illegal gun ownership;  arrested 44 illegal immigrants for offences ranging from rape (1) , illegal drug ownership, robberies (4), serious assaults (5), illegal gambling (15), and drunken driving (2).
They also recovered a stolen vehicle, confiscated 23 kg of marijuana, two handguns and ammunitions, 300 litres of illegal booze, and mountains of stolen electronics. 
Murder and rape in SA:
Manhunt for killers of dairy farmer/businessman and a fidelity guard

Tzaneen - July 4, 2002 - Local police have launched a massive manhunt for what is seen as two groups of armed robbers who had shot dead fidelity guard Jackson Chabalala, 35, and Afrikaner dairy-farmer businessman George Siemens, 62, in separate incidents on Wednesday.
Three pistol-wielding attackers ambushed Siemens at shot him dead at point-blank range at about 07:45 while he was paying his employees at a dairy store in Sekororo village near Tzaneen, said Lowveld police spokesperson, Captain Moatshe Ngoepe.
The attackers then grabbed an undisclosed amount of money and hijacked a car from a customer at gunpoint, -- but no robbing it for long, as the vehicle was abandoned about 10km away.
AT Mahatlani village in Louis Trichardt, it apparently had been another set of three heavily-armed men who had ambushed and killed one Fidelity guard and seriously wounded another while they were collecting cash, escaping with an undisclosed amount of money and the guard's puny little pistols.
Jackson Chabalala (35) died instantly and his unidentified colleague was rushed to Louis Trichardt Hospital in serious condition.
This particular gang escaped in a white Nissan Sentra registration NGY 131 GP. Anyone with information should contact their nearest police station or call the toll free police number on 086 00 10111. - African Eye News Service

Brothers arrested for Johannes van Staden, smallholder murder last month...

Pretoria - July 4, 2002 - Two brothers were arrested in Centurion in connection with the murder of 25-year-old Cullinan smallholding occupant Johannes van Staden, whose body was found on the N4 highway, east of Pretoria, last month, police reported on Wednesday.
Area commissioner Amon Mashigo said the men, aged 19 and 27, were arrested about 03:00 on Tuesday in their flat. The victim's car was allegedly found in the suspects' garage.
Van Staden had died of head injuries inflicted with a blunt object, a post-mortem has revealed. The men would appear in the Cullinan magistrate's court on Thursday, Mashigo said.

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From: MSN NicknameCensorbugbearSent: 7/9/2002 2:48 AM
Afrikaner-Boer woman protects family from attackers, killing one.
July 9, 2002 -- Retha Fourie of Beeld mfourie2@beeld.com reports that Mrs Marie van Tonder, 31, of the farm Platjan right next the South African/Zimbabwean border post, injured one of five armed farm attackers when she blasted away at them with a 270-gauge shotgun to defend her husband and two small sons early Monday-morning.
Mrs van Tonder now is facing murder charges because the injured man later died in hospital.
The injured man - found abandoned by his four fleeing mates in their overturned escape car ten kilometres down the road -- was rushed to hospital. And after an extensive air force helicopter search,  three more of these alleged farm attackers were captured. And uniquely in South Africa's more than 7,000 armed farm attacks since 1994, one of these accused had been a woman.
Police superintendent Tollie Vreugdenburg of the Bushveld district believes that all the attackers came from Zimbabwe. Four armed men had arrived at the farm on foot asking her father in law Koos van Tonder, 68, for petrol, while a fifth person, believed to be a woman, driving the getaway car, had been seen waiting next to a car parked down the road.
Threat to rape all the women:
Koos van Tonder told them the farm only had diesel fuel. The four men then attacked his son Christo, 32, holding a pistol to his head to demand money -- and threatened to rape all the women in the homestead if he didn't give them cash.
Mrs Van Tonder said her reaction was instinctive when she saw the four armed men threatening her husband with a firearm to his head.
"I realised that I would not have time to fetch my pistol from the room and grabbed the nearest shotgun. My small sons came running into the kitchen, but I ordered them away, pointed the shotgun and fired." The four returned fire and then fled, including the wounded comrade.
The fifth person picked the fleeing gang up in the car and fled in the direction of Swartwater. About 10 km down the road, the car overturned -- whereupon four attackers fled on foot, leaving their injured comrade behind. The man died the same day in hospital from his injuries.
Police, a farm protection commando and an air force helicopter searched the rough bushveld terrain for the four attackers -- and arrested one suspect just as he was trying to cross the Mogalakwena river. A woman and a man who pretended to be herding cattle, were also captured.
SA's borders practically unprotected:
July 9, 2002 - South Africa, now faced with a flood of millions of starving refugees from neighbouring countries, only has nine defence force companies healthy enough to patrol its leaky 2,500-km borders.
In fact, a full total of 53% of South Africa's defence force's 6,000 soldiers are medically so unfit and underfunded that they can't work at all -- and only one battalion of about 1,300 soldiers can be deployed at a time. And the country's reserve force of 1,300 soldiers now are in Burundi and Congo peace-keeping exercises. But they could also completely disappear by next year.
No reason for the poor health of the soldiers was provided:
This downscaling occurred amidst the growing threat to the country's security from famine threatening more than 18-million Africans in neighbouring countries. Already, livestock rustling along the Lesotho, Swaziland and Zimbabwe borders have led to the loss of more than 90,000 animals over the past six months alone. And the cross-border drug- and people-smuggling syndicates now seem unstoppable, as are the expected flood of famine refugees.
These facts were released at an emergency meeting of the defence force and the portfolio committee on defence this week.
DA intelligence spokesman Philip Schalkwyk says equipment and personnel in the defence force are "in a critical state"
"There is a critical need to analyse the efficiency of the defence force to determine whether it can still be regarded as a reliable force in southern Africa.
The army is supposed to make 26 infantry companies available for border protection. Due to insufficient funds, the number has already been reduced to 19. In reality, only nine companies are available.
The SA defence force now only has thirty of its more than 150 Olifant tanks still in working condition; and the 2002/3 budget can only keep 18 out of its more than 240 Rooikat armoured cars rolling.The remaining tanks and Rooikats are in storage.

The reserve soldiers have to survive on less than R3,000 ($300) per month -- and the last time they have undergone field training was in 1996. The Witwatersrand Rifles reserve unit has neither boots nor ammunition.
Three months to draw up an "emergency" plan...
Defence Minister Mosioua Lekota was urgently ordered to "immediately implement corrective measures to prevent further deterioration" -- by dismissing medically unfit soldiers and boosting the fighting power of the defence force by retaining 60,000 healthy, young soldiers.
Portfolio committee chair Thandi Modise said Lekota has three months to submit a plan to solve especially the reserve force's problems.
Diamond-rich Botswana faces extinction by Aids
Reuter's Ben Hirschler writes on July 7, 2002 from Barcelona, Spain:
Botswana, whose relative riches have failed to stop it becoming the country most blighted by HIV/AIDS, said on Sunday it was facing extinction by the disease.
"We are faced with extinction," said Dr Banu Khan, head of Botswana's National Aids Co-ordinating Agency.
Scientists had believed HIV/Aids might reach some natural limit in sub-Saharan Africa, where 28,5-million people are now infected, but Botswana's experience has so far dashed that hope. Life expectancy for the 1,6-million Botswanans has fallen below 40 years for the first time since 1950 -- and it could dip below 30 years if the spread of the virus is not reversed.
A staggering 39 percent of adults are infected with HIV in the diamond-rich southern African country -- with rates over 50 percent in the northeast and among urban expectant mothers, and the pandemic still outstripping all efforts to control it.
"We are all engaged in a fight to the death," Health Minister Joy Phumaphi told a fringe meeting at the international Aids conference in Barcelona in Spain.
To date, the government's focus has been on prevention. But earlier this year Botswana became the first African country to adopt a phased programme to provide antiretroviral drugs to its citizens free of cost. It is too early to gauge results.
The campaign against the disease is being supported by US drug giants Merck & Co and Bristol-Myers Squibb, as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Botswana's diamond mines, the biggest in the world in terms of the value of the output, give the country more financial flexibility than most of its neighbours. Per capita income of $3 300 is seven times the average for sub-Saharan Africa.
But Aids is decimating the productive workforce and undermining the economic foundations of the country.
Botswana's economy will be one third smaller by 2021 than it would have been without Aids while government expenditure will have to increase by 20 percent, Khan said.

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From: MSN NicknameWotknottSent: 7/11/2002 7:55 AM
Dear Jack and Adriana,
Thank-you for your continued efforts in helping us keep our information up to date.
Keith aka wotknott@hotmail.com 

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