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Theme Park World Gets North American Name Change
by James Fudge Posted 08/07/1999

Electronic Arts, Maxis and Bullfrog Studios announced today that their sequel to the popular strategy game, Theme Park, Theme Park World will be renamed to Sim Theme Park in North America. The game will keep the name Theme Park World outside of North American markets. The name change is part of a plan to give the game a name that is easily recognizable by consumers - and the Sim name is definitely well known to all types of gamers - from the casual to the hardcore.

According to Bullfrog General Manager Bruce McMillan: "Theme Park World is shaping up to be one of the best titles Bullfrog has ever produced. With it's ease of use, immersive graphics, depth of gameplay and fun subject matter, Theme Park World has the potential to reach a massive audience worldwide. While Theme is one of the most recognized gaming brands in the world, it is much stronger in Europe and Asia than it is in North America. Branding "Theme Park World" as "Sim Theme Park" in North America will tell customers exactly what kind of gaming experience the title is. We are extremely pleased to be working with our sister company Maxis in this way, allowing this title reach its full potential in the US and hence help Bullfrog to further establish itself in North America."

Maxis General Manager Luc Barthelet also commented on working with Bullfrog on the game: "Theme Park World is a great game and I appreciate the opportunity to have it as part of the Sim line. Frankly, I'm jealous. I wish this was a game Maxis had created, but Bullfrog beat us to it. They've found a novel way to integrate 3D into a Sim-style game. It's an incredibly immersive experience. Anyone who likes SimCity will enjoy Sim Theme Park. Once you have a chance to explore what Sim Theme Park has to offer, I think you will understand why we are so excited to have this title as part of the Sim line in North America."

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