Photon Genie...  for HARMONY



The Photon Genie is the latest achievement in vibration cell-energy technology. This technologically advances the concepts of Tesla, Rife, Abrams, and Lakhovsky by combining an advanced electro-lymphatic cell-enhancing technology with broad-spectrum amplified and enhanced broadcasted harmonic frequencies. 

Its life-nourishing photobiotic energy is effectively delivered by both an ionized Noble Gas energy-field and deeply penetrating radionic waves. The result is an innovative and highly effective delivery of an extremely broad band of light-and-sound harmonics and frequencies to:

  • Re-establish the ideal frequency and energy state of cells in the body

  • Dramatically move the lymph system

  • Destroy pathogens in the body

  • Detoxify the body

  • Oxygenate the body.

Photons are the driving source of metabolism, whereas chemicals are only secondary stimulants and partners of light information in this dynamic. Therefore, ordinary nutrition through substances falls far short in meeting our ultimate and final demands for full energy/information on the cellular level. 

The Photon Genie provides a full-harmonic spectrum of bio-available photon energy to accelerate the body's essential supply of direct photobiotic nutrition.

Doctors are taught that there are about 75 trillion cells in a human body, each having an electrical potential across its cell membrane, similar to a battery. Photon Genie's proprietary waves work by moving electrons through the body and brain at a infinite band of harmonic frequencies, collectively known as harmonic resonance. 

In order to be healthy, it is essential to keep the energy and fluids moving so that the body's natural intelligence may operate at its full harmonic potential. In addition, each cell must be enlivened with its own harmonic frequency and ideal energy-state, and be fully charged and in harmony with the life-force energy throughout the rest of the body.

Experience the feeling
of true energetic and harmonic health
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