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Submit a topic or question and specify how long you want me to work on it (minimum and maximum) and I will prepare a report.  If I don't feel qualified, I reject it.  Note: this is not a research service--I'll use what I know and the few books I have.  If you wish, you can present information for me to use and I will not disclose it.

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Formula for rapid progress in India:

1)  Issue patents through free emails to a federal database with timestamps.  If a court case arises, look at the timestamp.

2) Federalize high market share industries.  In the United States, for example we would federalize Microsoft and Intel.  We would create a new PC platform every 15 years.  We need FPGA's in a standard platform to facilitate image processing.  We also need data acquisition cards standard to foster the learning of electronics.

3) Mandate no repetition on airwaves.  Create devices to record songs or TV programs from buffers.  Change the format of music CD's to include all tracks to allow remixing and local musicians playing certain tracks.

4) Create an idea database with my patent.exe program as a core.  Create a distance function between ideas by hashing words in two ideas, substituting several common words for uncommon words and substituting a single synonym for a set of words.  Use the matrix from patent.exe to rate the probability of each pair of matching words occurring at the given distance and construct a joint probability for all matches.  Invert the probability to achieve a distance. 

Create an idea tax on freetime.  All citizens must make submissions to a national idea database and only get credit based on originality scores.  Require better ideas from people with advanced degrees.

Use the idea database to direct young people into research.