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2003-05-11 - NewCreations (of the NC1 FreeDOS distribution) has moved to a new site. FreeDOS NC2 is bigger, better then ever before. Not for download yet, but in the store for $4.99 - NC2 Plus! is also available for $7.99

2003-04-08 - We are currently in a "patch and cleanup" cycle - let's make the push for a "version 1.0"! Aitor has assembled a list of things that seem missing. See the v.1.0 TODO list.

2002-09-15 - Jeremy Davis has posted the FreeDOS Beta 8 H1 ("Hot" release 1) Distribution. This release is only available as an ISO image. If you don't have the ability to boot CD-ROMs, please use the FreeDOS Beta 8.

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FreeDOS ODIN 0.4
Jul 14 2003 by jhall
Steve Nickolas writes: FreeDOS ODIN 0.4 is mirrored on ibiblio. I would like to thank Jim for uploading this. FD-ODIN is a one-disk installation of FreeDOS, relatively up to date, and relatively easy to get started with. The sources to the programs I used, where possible, are available in the 'src' directory, although I didn't recompile any of them.

Happy birthday to FreeDOS!
Jul 12 2003 by jhall
Our official birthday isn't for a few days yet, but here's the announcement anyway: On 16 July 2003, the FreeDOS Project will be 9 years old! This is a recognition of the date we changed our name to Free-DOS on 16 July 1994. Although I suppose some might consider 29 June 1994 to be our "real" birthday, since that's when we announced our project. In any case, happy birthday to FreeDOS!

Ports Of Call Classic
Jul 12 2003 by jhall
Rolf-Dieter Klein has released a "classic" version of the Ports of Call shareware PC game. It's a trade- and shipping-simulation game - if you enjoyed SimCity, you'll probably like this game. Yes, this game works with FreeDOS: it works for me under FreeDOS, running DOSEmu. Sound support using SoundBlaster works great. I didn't play around in the game much, but I just ran it to see if it would work under FreeDOS. rdk says he'll add a note to his page about FreeDOS soon, but I thought I'd post this news item now.

FDXMS 0.92.Oranges
Jul 11 2003 by jhall
MartinS has released a new version of FDXMS. Here's the announcement: FDXMS 0.92.Oranges has been released. Get it at web site. (Note that I'll be away for some weeks now so I won't be able to respond to bug reports until some time in August.) ... Changelog of FDXMS 0.92.Oranges - VDISK detection in check_vdisk corrected by Lixing Yuan. - Only call check_vdisk at installation time by Lixing Yuan. (Evidently those two corrections to VDISK handling make SMARTDRV work with FDXMS.)

FD-KEYB 2.0, protype 3
Jul 11 2003 by aitor
A new prototype, number 3, as pre-release of the forthcomming FD- KEYB 2.0, has been released. This prototype is stable and externally behaves much like fd-xkeyb (except some particularities of the KEY files, and a much smaller resident size, approx. half the size; read the documentation for the changes in KEY files). Amongst the changes, I emphasize that Ctrl+Alt+Del is working again and that DEL key cannot be remapped (temporarily).
To assist users, and help then migrate to FD-KEYB2, Henrique Peron has kindly assembled a layout selection of layouts suitable for prototype3, which include most of the "reduced layouts" for xkeyb (which are the most widely used layouts, such as GR, FR, UK or SP).
You can download it (source and executable) from ibiblio.

FreeDOS Diskcomp update
Jul 6 2003 by jhall
I haven't heard back from maceman, so I'm assuming he's off the list now and not contributing to FreeDOS. With no active maintainer for Diskcomp, I've decided to accept Eric's new patches (06jun2003) as the new FreeDOS Diskcomp. I've mirrored a copy of this release at ibiblio. Eric said he wasn't interested in becoming the maintainer, just that he wanted to post these bug-fixes to Diskcomp. So that leaves Diskcomp without an active maintainer. If anyone is interested in taking it on, it's up for grabs. As a courtesy, please announce to the fd-dev list if you plan to become the new maintainer, so we don't have two people trying to do it.

Jul 6 2003 by jhall
Jason Hood's web page has an updated version of SHSUCDX. It is considerably smaller than MSCDEX (only 6.5K for one drive) and it provides access to long ISO names. It can also be cached (by patching SMARTDrive 5.02 - program to do that is included.) This version is an update to version 1.4b by John McCoy.

DOS-based installer system
Jul 6 2003 by jhall
moonknightus has written a new DOS install program, which might interest some: DOS-IS has finally had a working release. DOS-IS v 0.8 is capable of copying and unzipping files to a predefined or user-selected destination drive/directory. It's not as complete as I want it to be yet, I'm still working on it, but it does compile under PDS 7 and it does what it's supposed to do.

ZRDX - another DOS4GW-compatible extender
Jul 6 2003 by jhall
older writes: This web site for ZRDX is in Russian, so you can use the fish to translate it into English.
The auto-translation is pretty hard to read, but is workable. [from the README] ZRDX can be used to run programs, designed for DOS4G/W, PMODE/W, DOS32A,WDOSX via Watcom C++, TMT Pascal, LadSoft C, etc. compilers. Application running under ZRDX can access all physical memory (up to 4G), all DPMI functions (int 31h) are compatible with DPMI 0.9 specification, except fns 0A00h-0B03h. DOS extender provides translation of all functions, translated by PMODE/W, except identification fns, and almost all functions, translated by DOS4G/W. ZRDX is open source software, by Sergey Belyakov.

JP Software releases 4DOS 7.50 build 107 (beta)
Jul 2 2003 by jhall
I loved 4DOS ... all respect to FreeCOM, but 4DOS was the first DOS command line that showed me that DOS had some real power. So I was glad to see Matthias Paul's email, part of which says: I thought some inhere might be interested in these news from JP Software's support forum. New public (beta) versions of their advanced command line processors are available and can be obtained here: - 4DOS: {exe}, {zip}, {download} [...] I recommend to download the .ZIP file version (at least in case of 4DOS), because the Win32 installer incorporated into the self-extracting .EXE archive isn't really useful under DOS. The files can still be extracted manually using "PKUNZIP BET4D107.EXE", but you will end up with a lot of files not necessary for a plain DOS or Windows 9x installation. [...] Monitoring them moving over to the Win32 world, this maybe one of the last builds of 4DOS to come, so I suggest to grab it and report any problems you find to them before it may be too late. Of course, whilst this is labelled beta software, it can be considered very stable already.

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