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06/01: Nick Phillips
09/01: Tilman Baumgärtel

Address: 33 Cedra Court, Cazenove Road, London, N16 6AT, UK.
Phone: +44(0)7711 623498
Full Name: Adrian Noel Ward
Born: 25/12/1976
Special skills: Lying through my teeth
Attention span: -1

Education (more details)
BSc (Hons) MediaLab Arts (1st), Plymouth University.

Past works
08/98: txt for Signwave
05/99: Signwave Autoshop parody software for Macintosh computers
05/99: How I Drew One Of My Pictures for Signwave Autoshop
06/99: open.txt online project (and thesis) for degree
11/99: Interlude for Sol Sneltvedt
11/99: MANIFEST Browser project for
12/99: The Authorship of Generative Art for 2nd Generative Art conference, Milan
03/00: MusicPond, BulletScape, BoundaryBugs, Translator and InstantMusic for Lovebytes
05/00: BulletScape featured on Creative Review May 2000 CD-Rom as part of Lovebytes DSP1 Project
05/00: The Complete Works of Shakespeare for the Vivarium Project/Geoff Cox
05/00: CASM (Collaborative Audio Sequencing Mixer) for The Clyde Tunnel Project/Stephen Skrynka
05/00: Donald Rodney AUTOICON for inIVA
07/00: Interactive Artwork splash page for
07/00:* for
08/00: Progress for
09/00: collaboration with Stuart Brisley
09/00: MeinKampf2000 for
09/00: Signwave Auto-Illustrator auto-generative vector design software for Macintosh and PC computers
11/00: opt-cmd-esc web site
12/00: The Aesthetics of Generative Code for 3rd Generative Art conference, Milan
03/01: A portrait of netochka nezvanova for Macintosh PowerPCs
04/01: Donald Rodney AUTOICON CD-Rom for inIVA
05/01: [VIVARIA.NET] in collaboration with S.T.A.R.
06/01: net[SS]daq in collaboration with Netochka Nezvanova
06/01: Software For Dancers Project Collaboration
06/01: Signwave Auto-Effects auto-generative video production software for Macintosh and PC computers
06/01: The Aesthetics of Generative Code published in HARD_CODE edited by Eugene Thacker
07/01: saver2 QuickDraw3D abstract screensaver for Macintosh computers
09/01: buzz1 for Macintosh PowerPCs
10/01: slub 20010505 released on Cipher, Lithuania
10/01: autumn01 for Macintosh PowerPCs
12/01: Signwave Auto-Illustrator 1.0 released - commercially available software art
04/02: Carbon Lifeform for [VIVARIA.NET]
05/02: Signwave Auto-Illustrator 1.1 published by i-DAT and Spacex
12/02: Signwave Autoshop 1.1 released - updated version for Mac OS 9/X and Windows.
02/03: Human Capital parody software launched in collaboration with Nungu
02/03: Quack-Project launched at Columbia Road Primary School, London.

09/00: "Selected framed 'artworks'" for comfort-computer at Hoxton Foundry, London.
11/00: Rhizome Splash Page featured in Splash Art exhibition, New Museum of Contemporary Art, NYC.
02/01: ordure::real-time in collaboration with Stuart Brisley at 291 Gallery, Bethnal Green, London.
06/01: Signwave Auto-Illustrator shown as part of Sonar 2001 London Calling gallery
07/01: MANIFEST installation at "Somewhere...", London Print Studios
04/02: Signwave Auto-Illustrator exhibited at Kontrollfelder, Hartware, Dortmund, Germany.
05/02: Signwave Auto-Illustrator 1.1 exhibited at GENERATOR Show at Spacex Gallery, Exeter.
09/02: ordure::real-time in collaboration with Stuart Brisley at GENERATOR, Spacex at the Liverpool Biennial.
02/03: Signwave Auto-Illustrator 1.1 exhibited at GENERATOR Show at Firstsite, Colchester.

07/99: University of Plymouth School of Computing award for being Digital
02/01: REALSoftware Cubies Overall award for Auto-Illustrator
02/01: Transmediale.01 Artistic Software award for Auto-Illustrator
04/01: Prix Ars Electronica 2001 Honorary Mention for Auto-Illustrator

ISBN 1870736486: MANIFEST (Working Press)
ISBN 189984631X: donald.rodney:autoicon v1.0 (inIVA/CAiiA-STAR)
ISBN 1903450470: 4x4 Life & Oblivion - Generative Design: Beyond Photoshop (Friends of Ed)
ISBN 0950751693: Signwave Auto-Illustrator 1.1 Users Guide (i-DAT/Spacex)

Projects in collaboration with Alex McLean
Part of the collective

03/99: GM1 Generative Music performance with STAR at the Sherwell Center, Plymouth.
06/99: GM2 Generative Music performance with STAR at the Cavern Club, Exeter.
07/99: GM3 Generative Music performance with STAR at the Cube, Bristol.
11/99: VXSLAB001, Hoxton Foundry, London.
12/99: VXSLAB002, above Backspace, London.
03/00: Generative music performance with Astrid Williamson (piano) at Camel Loop, Kensington Roof Gardens, London.
06/00: Generative music and visuals, VXSLAB003, North London.
07/00: Slub-pre performance at Monochrome, Hoxton Foundry, London.
12/00: Slub performance at State51, London.
12/00: Slub performance at GA2k, Milan.
01/01: Slub performances at Sunday Deriver, Public Life, London.
02/01: Slub performance at Deriver, Hoxton Foundry, London.
03/01: Slub speaker destruction at Sunday Deriver, Public Life, London.
03/01: Slub protocol field test at State51, London.
03/01: Slub death by e.q. at RoTa Sessions, Notting Hill Arts Club, London.
03/01: Premiere of Desktop Symphony interactive sound applications at Rhizome OpenMouse @ FUN, Manhattan, NYC.
05/01: Slub performance at Sunday Deriver, Public Life, London.
07/01: Slub laptop ceilidh at Deriver, Public Life, London.
12/01: Slub gig at Sonic Acts, Paradiso, Amsterdam.
02/02: Slub gig at Club Transmediale, E-Werk, Berlin.
02/02: Slub workshop and performance at codetillyoustop, Mains D'oeuvres, Paris, France.
04/02: Slub gig at i+DAT[A] Generative Media workshop, Sherwell Center, Plymouth.
04/02: Slub gig at Sonomu, Public Life, London.
05/02: Slub gig at Sprawl, Global Cafe, London.
05/02: Slub gig at Pheonix, Exeter, in association with the GENERATOR Show, Spacex Gallery, Exeter.
07/02: Slub gigs at Camping Electronic, near Montelimar, France.
08/02: Slub gig at Institute of Contemporary Arts, London - supported by Sick Lincoln.
08/02: Slub gig at NFAN, Public Life, London.
09/02: Slub gig at PNP, Public Life, London.
10/02: Slub gig with Crack Village and Cormac (aka corlabsmuccrack) at PNP, Public Life, London.
11/02: Slub gig at FLOW, Public Life, London.
11/02: Slub supporting Crack Village at The Betsy Trotwood, London
01/03: Slub launch party for dokidoki 'minute women' launch party in Paris.

Presentations and Guest Lectures
University of Plymouth: Evolutionary systems
Generative Art '99, Milan: The Authorship of Generative Art
University of East London: Interface condescension
Chapter Arts, Cardiff: Realtime Generative music systems
Lovebytes, Sheffield: Generative music systems
Art of Perl, ICA, London: Generative music systems (in collaboration with Alex McLean)
Generative Art '00, Milan: The Aesthetics of Generative Code (in collaboration with Alex McLean)
Transmediale.01, Podewil, Berlin: Auto-Illustrator Artist presentation
re:action, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle: zxc 73i,,, o-982--- (ie the philosophy of authoring generative systems)
digital_is_not_analog.01, Salara, Bologna: Auto-Illustrator presentation
berlinbeta/transmediale 2001, Berlin: Auto-Illustrator presentation and competition
dorkbotlondon, Limehouse Townhall, London: Abusing the Yamaha PSR-6
Sonic Acts, Paradiso, Amsterdam: Auto-Illustrator presentation
Mains D'oeuvres, Paris, France: codetillyoudrop workshop
dorkbotlondon, State51, London: A portrait of Netochka Nezvanova
i+DAT[A], Sherwell Centre, Plymouth: Generative Media workshop
Digital Art Generation, Public Net Base, Vienna: ctrl-alt-design
soundtoys, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London: soundtoy presentation
Transmediale.03, Berlin: Human Capital co-presentation

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Software development for multiple platforms in multiple languages for multiple purposes. Technical resumé available.

Commercial Work
Interactive designer for Hyperinteractive
Senior web developer for IN.form
Shockwave and CGI developer for Oku Pi
Technology architect for Soma Records
Web developer for Mook
Search Engine Technologist for Brunton Publishing and CAiiA-STAR
Digital video editor and web designer for deRijke Marsh Morgan
Webmaster for CAiiA-STAR
Interaction Designer for Zentropy Partners
Technical Director for Trajets UK Tour
Senior Lecturer for University of Plymouth

Available on request.