Saturday July 19, 2003

Angeline Jolie

For all of the Angelina Jolie fans out there.

Here is a picture


Travis, if you are reading this check this out. (It is the apt in question)


[Listening to: Yasunori Mitsuda - 11- Sorrow - Xenosaga OST (03:45)]

We pulled back into Iowa City from Ames this morning at 3 am or so. I had Toni drive the last hour of the trip as I was about to pass out. It was a great time. Originally I was going to drop Nate and Toni off while I caught up with the elusive Keyana, but I figured she was a fairly sociable person. So, the three of us hit the town. The "town" meaning the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Fazoli's. We cruised over to a go-cart track and played 3 games of DDR(extreme) with Nate. He took to it very quickly and we had a nice, albeit sweaty time.

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Wednesday July 16, 2003

I can't remember how to write in cursive.

[Listening to: Ween - Mister Won't You Please Help My Pony.mp3 - - (00:53)]

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