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General Hardware
General Computer Hardware Discussion. This is the place to discuss the latest computer hardware issues and technology. Please keep the discussion ON TOPIC, and covering computer hardware ONLY.
11767 104729 07/24/2003 8:12 AM
by shuttleteam
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AnandTech Articles
Here you can discuss the articles we write. Basically every article/review that is written will have a thread started here and you are welcome to discuss it here.
95 916 07/24/2003 1:42 AM
by Evan Lieb
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Operating Systems
Windows 2K or not 2K? Is ME for you? Got an opinion to XPress? Discuss it here! What Operating System tickles your fancy? This is a forum for Unix, Linux, all flavors of Windows, BeOS, Solaris, OS/2, and virtually all other Operating Systems.
3409 24683 07/24/2003 8:08 AM
by winwiz88
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For Sale/Trade
Forum for private individuals to sell/buy/trade hardware. No dealers, no SPAM (IE: multi-level marketing schemes or links to auctions), and no auction style posts allowed! Members MUST show their profile and a valid email address to participate in this forum.
18335 230587 07/24/2003 8:10 AM
by Foghorn
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Hot Deals
Post the hottest prices and deals you've found on the net in the AnandTech Hot Deals forum. Please stick to deals you've found, not items you are seeking. This is NOT a shopping service. No dealers and no SPAM (IE: multi-level marketing, pay-to-surf, pay-for-referral schemes or links to auctions) allowed! Please DO NOT POST COUPON NUMBERS or PROMOTIONAL CODES.
6550 125148 07/24/2003 8:02 AM
by Ziptar
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Off Topic
A public meeting place, a Pub, if you will... A place for computer junkies to boldly post Off Topic... Things you might want to tell everyone... Or things you wouldn't say to anyone else.
42453 869401 07/24/2003 8:12 AM
by addragyn
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Politics and News
A forum for more serious discussions of politics and current events. Passions are always high on all sides of these subjects so keep your posts on topic. PERSONAL FLAMES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
2205 61919 07/24/2003 8:13 AM
by jjones
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Small Form Factor, Notebooks & other Pre-Built/Barebones PCs
Small Form Factor Discussions are happening here. Talk about the latest and greatest tips on how to buy and/or build your “small” system and have the best one on the block. Notebook and other pre-built/barebones owners are welcome as well.
815 5901 07/24/2003 7:17 AM
by Bloodstein
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Highly Technical
Check your egos at the door. This forum is for people that are serious about hardware. ON TOPIC discussions about PC architecture, technology and in-depth looks at what we all know and love. NO FLAME WARS are allowed here. Keep the discussions truly technical in nature. For everything else there are 16 other forums to post in.
300 2821 07/23/2003 11:55 PM
by ET2nuke
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Cases & Cooling
You're overclocking just about everything in your system, but how do you keep it cool? Share your secrets and classic cooling experiences here as well as discuss the answer to the age old question, "which case is best for me?"
847 7885 07/24/2003 8:07 AM
by Thump553
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CPU/Processors and Overclocking
Discussion about CPU's and Microprocessors. Need help with that new CPU? Like to push it to the limits; overclockers welcome here!
2578 25044 07/24/2003 8:05 AM
by OC-Freak
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Distributed Computing
Discuss RC5, SETI@Home, OGR, Prime95, and other distributed computing topics here
2414 33816 07/24/2003 8:10 AM
by FoBoT
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Discussion about Motherboards
1290 14207 07/24/2003 8:12 AM
by stephan28
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From WAN to LAN, discuss it here. Having trouble setting up your own network? Is server configuration a pain? DSL or Cable Modem giving you fits? Get your questions answered and your topics discussed in the AnandTech Networking Forum.
2505 15289 07/24/2003 8:12 AM
by FFactory0x
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Plug 'n' Play or Plug 'n' Pray. Sometimes you just have to plug away, but someone may have a better way. Find out, here.
245 1548 07/24/2003 5:10 AM
by bacillus
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Software - Applications, Programming and Games
We all use software. Some of us write it, too. And there is always time for some good gaming. Here's where you can get some help, or lend a hand.
4437 23309 07/24/2003 8:07 AM
by Schadenfroh
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Technical Support
Need a little technical help? Got some good tips? This is the place.
1250 6044 07/24/2003 8:08 AM
by godspeedx
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Discussion about Video Products
3052 26039 07/24/2003 8:13 AM
by Schadenfroh
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Forum Issues
If you have an issue with your forum account, or a moderator related issue post it here. We cannot guarantee a response.
2361 16340 07/24/2003 2:14 AM
by minendo
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