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+Time stolen

4500 SW 3rd St, Miami, Fl, 33134. 305-444-4872

+ Neo natal coup  

My face, weight, height, skin, hair, color and type, my entire physique, and that of my whole family, have been altered by time access, using a process called Time-Accessed-Genetic Staining Method

All aspects of my livelihood are been censored by an impostor, who is making use of stolen-time-access to form governments, and in these, false actions of law against  me, which he uses to control, manipulate and censor my ability to find work or publish any of this information on the internet or news media

At the same time he defames my credibility and character, destroys two marriages, drives me into bankruptcy, kippnaps my family, and censors my ability to find work or new wife

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Clint Eastwood, Malpaso The audio bible online
Eva Peron correlation to Hittler's Eva Brown ( Braun )    
Time access genocide, Jewish Holocaust

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1. Society cupid mating program
Jewish holocausts queued in the timeline to message me of my brain been gassed with excuse of adenoid operation, and filled with B.U.N in womb, both events, and also Nazi Germany done from today by time access 2. FBI planting spouses methodologies
3. Hurri-cane Andrew, 1992
4. My sacrifices, why make the timeline for me to endure hardship, when it is so easy put back the way is supposed to?. Why lies of needed sacrifice?, Why lies of come to save men?
5. Lucia Tirado facial paralysis
6. Ricky Triana muscle atrophy
7. Carlos Rodriguez son
8.Satan using excuses of spy wives to mix his kind with men
9. Ana Stolarzi arm growth stomped in womb, she was used by the FBI as an instrument to prevent my "baby arm" Mandy from growing next to me, thus the "baby-arm", my baby girl Mandy grew with no strenght as her arm did. The FBI has kipnapped the baby girl from age of 2, sing illegal manipulation kipnapping, and brain cephalic thought manipulation on the mother and mother in law and now the baby is almost 8 years old
10. Timeline changed to chaos to make me the hero info disclosing crimes and else. Satanas altering and changing the timeline into chaos, creating the crime to get me to be the hero finding the reason for crime, all while he keeps on creating crimes and stuff for me to disclose, either way to stay in time for year and years controlling use of time which does not belong to him or his demons, whom he uses and programs at will, making them all into law and military
  Murder of witnesses
  Celia Cruz ( Celia Curz correlation on NW 22nd ave and 8th, next to Casablanca, resulted in her death warrant been leaked, excusing government doing, but really above that a loop of a criminal trying to delete obvious evidence, as he did with many others
Rolandito Barral ( assassination ), name means Rolandito (me) Barras, or Bars,
Gregory Peck, Greg been pecks, or bars and pecks, meaning (me) military, which was said about me from inception, someone is purposely and carefully murdering these people. I will log them all from now on