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The Colours of the Household Division.
St Patrick's Day, 1932
The Colours of the Household Division.

After resting, having received the news of the Armistice, the 1st and 2nd Battalions marched into Cologne as part of the occupation, remaining there until 1919. During the period of demobilisation after the war the 2nd Battalion was disbanded on 31st March 1919 and it's Union Flag (not Colour, which had been presented only two months before by the Prince of Wales at Cologne) was laid up at Caterham. Meanwhile the 1st Battalion returned home and was stationed at Warley with the 3rd Reserve Battalion. The Battalion quickly settled down to it's peacetime duties and on St Patricks Day 1920 it wore Full Dress again for the first time since before the war.

However the Battalion saw service overseas when in 1922 under the command of Lt. Col. The Hon Alexander, it carried out a tour of duty of a little over a year in Constantinople, where it joined an Allied formation stationed there as a deterrent against war breaking out between Greece and Turkey. Eventually on the 5th September 1923, the 1st Battalion embarked for Gibraltar, where they remained for several months. It was during this time that the Army Order was published giving sanction for the use of the designation 'Guardsman' as previous to this the men were called 'Private'.This also coincided with the change of the rank stars worn by the Officers from the Star of Bath to the Star of St Patrick.

The Battalion returned home in April 1924 and on the 27th May 1927, was presented with new Colours by His Majesty King George V in the grounds of Buckingham Palace. The Battalion did not see overseas service again until 1936 when it moved to Egypt, being stationed at Cairo. During this time the Battalion was sent to Palestine for three months to assist with internal security duties, before returning to England in time for Christmas 1938.

On the 26th April 1939, the 2nd Battalion which had been disbanded in 1919, was re-formed by order of His Majesty King George VI. The King presented Colours to the Battalion on the 14th February 1940 at Wellington Barracks.

The Colours of the Household Division.
The Irish Guards returning from Palestine, 1938
The Colours of the Household Division.
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