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The FreeDOS Beta 9 Distribution is now available on ibiblio. This release is available as an ISO image and as a diskette distribution. please see the readme file for more info.

Hello list,

I am proud to announce the availability of FreeDOS Beta 9 Prerelease 1 ("Methusalem"). It is available as both diskette ( 3 * 1.44MB ) and (bootable) cdrom distribution (10MB). Many programs have been updated since the 2002-APR-07 release of Beta 8 ("Nikita"), and many features have been added, like generating the post-installation configuration files config.sys and autoexec.bat, as well as providing a general cdrom-driver, written by Jeremy Davis. This is a prerelease because it provides only the Base diskset and the corresponding sources for it. The FULL Beta 9 distribution will be ready in a few months, but there's no reason to delay anything until then.

you need RAWRITE to write those disk images to floppies. RAWRITE will completely blow away any data you have on the floppies, so it doesn't matter if you pre-format them or not.

Let this be the base for the push towards a version 1.0, which will hopefully be ready by 29 April 2004, when the FreeDOS project celebrates it's 10th anniversery since Jim Hall founded it back in '94

Beta 9 can be obtained from Ibiblio.

With kind regards,

Bernd Blaauw

Updates to BASE include:

Other disksets have not been included due to lack of time and diskspace (and especially download time)

Updates for the ISO only include:

Updates for the bootdisk and installation include:

Please see History.txt in the ISOLINUX directory of the cdrom for the complete set of changes.

You can easily integrate this cdrom distribution to your custom cdrom by adding the software and running MAKEISO.BAT in the ISOLINUX\BUILDCD directory.

Mirrors of the Beta9:

Were you looking for the source code?

You may want to visit the FreeDOS developer page at SourceForge to get the source for the kernel, FreeCOM, and Install program. For more source code to FreeDOS, refer to the maintainers list.

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