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New section: Profiles/Hierachy
Posted by Jack on Wednesday, July 30 @ 16:56:54 BST (25 reads)
Site News In honour of our first Birthday, the profiles of key JG.com players can now be read in the new 'hierarchy' section of the site.

Click the photos to read the profiles, and click the bigger photos to see even bigger photos. Hope that makes sense users.

If you'd like you see yourself in the JG.com hierarchy, post more news, or buy a lot of t-shirts.
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Happy 1st Birthday dear JackGuest.com
Posted by Jack on Wednesday, July 30 @ 16:39:41 BST (29 reads)
Anniversaries and special days Exactly one year ago to this day, in a cold London basement- not dissimilar to a farmyard stable, a monster was born unto the world.

Though he did not yet realise the full power that this beast would one day wield, the monster's founder looked on with a certain amount of pride and anticipation as his creation rose from the ground and took its first few steps.

Later, 3 wise men - Rob, James and Dan would visit the monster at its place of birth, each bringing a gift for the new-born.

The gift was banter.

JackGuest.com had been born.
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Just one day to go...
Posted by Jack on Tuesday, July 29 @ 17:31:35 BST (25 reads)
Anniversaries and special days In under 24 hour's time JG.com will be 1 year old. As had already been announced, to celebrate this momentus occasion a new section of the site is going live: JackGuest.com member 'profiles'.

I'm sure the anticipation is prooving too much for many of you, so to whet your appetite, here is a small taster of what is to come.
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Greetings Biffa!
Posted by Jack on Monday, July 28 @ 16:58:08 BST (25 reads)
Official Excursions Chuffy writes "To my dearest Biffa,

I have so many splendid things to tell you I am perturbed to know where I should start. In fact I haven't felt this way since the time I found myself at Winchester public baths sharing a changing room with 25 ****s. "

The author of this just emailed me and asked me not to post it because it was rubbish. You can be the judge of that. I had to censor some libalous bits. - Jack
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New party photos in the gallery
Posted by Jack on Monday, July 28 @ 14:23:52 BST (35 reads)
Site News Some previously unseen photos of the party of the century (it gets bigger each time I mention it) can now be found in the gallery.

They include 'pond plunging' and 'rob meets death'.

These have been released as part of the JG.com first anniversary celebrations.
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The 'Summer Range' clothing on sale NOW!
Posted by Jack on Thursday, July 24 @ 13:24:07 BST (29 reads)
Site News This is another moment that many of you have been waiting for. The much-anticipated 'Summer Range' of JG.com clothing is now on sale in the new merchandise section of the site.

Get in there quick, the 'Dont look at me, I'm from Croydon' T-shirt really is a limited edition product. It's first come, first served!
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Tourist attraction of the day: Croydon Airport
Posted by Jack on Thursday, July 24 @ 11:08:14 BST (30 reads)
Croydon A new and potentially one-off feature for JG.com is 'Tourist attraction of the day'. Today's exciting tourist attraction, Croydon Airport, was recommend in Tuesday's 'The Guaridan'.

After visiting the airport why not pop over the road and go dancing at the popular nightclub 'Kudos', or go for a bowl at the trendy 'City Limits'.
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what the hell is wrong with you people!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Jack on Wednesday, July 23 @ 20:03:11 BST (46 reads)
Americans Applying For Jobs Anonymous Banter writes "Are you people sure you checked this morning to make sure you pulled your heads out of your ASS???? What the Hell is wrong with you!!!!!!!

what is this, a website for britains Fourth rate writers, or or otherwise unemployed limey ****s"

This is a genuine post made by an American job hunter, who on seeing an ad for jacksguest.com in a US newspaper, mistakenly arrived here. I've been saving it for a special occasion, and in honour of the JG.com first anniversary, here it is. Enjoy!
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A major JG.com upate!
Posted by Jack on Tuesday, July 22 @ 10:57:32 BST (102 reads)
Site News As part of the first birthday celebrations, the engine which runs this fine site (PHPNUKE) has been updated to version 6.5.

Whilst that wont mean or seem much to most of you, here's a list of how it will effect you and why it's a good thing:
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don't go near a swan
Posted by Matt on Monday, July 21 @ 16:16:44 BST (51 reads)
Croydon Anonymous Banter writes "Having been on the job trail i have had the misfortune of spending some fine hours in the centre of croydon. On one such visit i was approached by a man asking me if i had been involved in an accident recently.

This depressed me. It was none other than the claims mother ***** direct touting for business. I decided that as i was unemployed i would try and take advantage of their friendly help and told them that i was recently attacked by a swan. As we all have been told when we were but young ' don't go near a swan they will break your arm'. This is apparently the prefferred method of attack for swans. Badgers twist your anckle, monkeys give you aids, and elastic bands and pens will have your eye out."
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