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Online Map Creation

What is OMC?

You may create maps interactively at this site. Fill out the form, submit your entries and a page with the desired map will be returned to your browser. The maps are actually created by the "Generic Mapping Tools" (GMT). This means a PostScript* version is drawn first which you can download onto your harddisk after completion. The PNG-version (the one you get to see in your browser window) may be saved by terms of your browser.

What do I need to know to draw a map?

Not much. If you already have a specific area in mind you would like to map please fill in the map boundaries expressed as latitudes and longitudes in the input form. There is some information on how these values have to be entered and what the script does with your entries depending on the map-projection you choose. But you might as well start with the default values and pan and zoom after the first map has been created.

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