Design by Ulf, is a design centre specialized in automotive design, mostly extreme sports cars but also some retro projects like the Streamster, Archer and SpeedKing.

Founder of Design by Ulf is Ulf Bolumlid a former guitar builder who always have had a genuine interest in fast cars. In 1987 Ulf got the idea to design a car of his own. The first car saw the light of day in 1992 and was named Mania Spyder.

Features like the characteristic headlights and air intakes can be seen on many of Ulfs creations.

The Mania is sold as a kit car to be built on a VW bug chassis with a rear mounted engine but it can also be built with a mid mounted engine on a chassis especially made for the Mania, there has been close to 50 Manias produced so far.

Making a prototype After finishing the Mania Ulf decided to create a street legal Le Mans car after three years of trying different designs and one year to make the first prototype the Sensor was ready to face the crowd.

The Streamster, Archer and SpeedKing are retro cars all three capable of very high speeds, with aluminum body, a full space frame and a Jaguar V12 engine.

Current project at Design by Ulf is the Acid, a ultra light race car with advanced aerodynamics and a high output motorcycle engine, when finished it should be capable of speeds up to 300 kph and 0-100kph in less than 4 seconds.
Click here for Acid specifications and images

The design centre is contantly producing new concepts and developing new ideas as well as customizing ordinary cars and motorcycles making them not so ordinary.

Design by Ulf is a company within the United Design Group.