Welcome to The Official 1956th Communications Group/374th Communications Squadron, Operation Location - C, Reunion/Alumni Website.  The purpose of this site is to reconnect with old friends, share photos and memories, learn about what is happening at Camp Zama and OL-C now and maybe even to organize a reunion.  If you enjoyed your time at OL-C as much as I did, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this site.

You may be interested in knowing that Msgt. Randy Voss is the NCOIC of OL-C now. Tsgt. Rick McIntrye is also back at Camp Zama and is the NCOIC of Power Production. Sadly, the AN/GSC-39 terminal is gone.  The new AN/GSC-52 terminal is co-located at the old tech control facility.

I really need photos for this site.  If you come across any, fire up your flatbed scanners and email them to me.  I need photos of the old 39 terminal, Camp Zama, parties, picnics, people from OL-C, off-base, Tokyo, etc...  Basically any photos from while you were there.

If you have anyone in your e-mail address book that was stationed at OL-C, please send them to this site.  Also, contact me so that I can add your name to site. I will not give out your e-mail address without getting your permission first.

I know what some people have been up to recently, but I need everyone to e-mail me their “bio” information. Click here to see what information I need to create your bio page.

Thank you,

Joe Barber (OL-C from Jan 1st, 1986 to Dec 31st, 1991)

If you have any suggestions, compaints or comments contact me here.

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