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Welcome to the Red Alert League, a small collection of individuals who take part in multiplayer games of Red Alert, Westwood Studio's classic, now retro, real-time-strategy game. New members are more than welcome, and all you need to join is a copy of the game and the Aftermath add on. Give me an e-mail and we can sort out a game. Also on the League site you can find some map downloads made by some of the members, a collection of valuable thoughts by myself in the form of a "guide" and some info on the League members. Enjoy the site.

> Having problem with Red Alert on XP? Want to use the two extra Aftermath units? See the Technical Support page.

Rank Name Callsign Played Won Lost Kills Points
1st Robin Sharrock RobShaz 3 3 0 278 9
2nd Simon Challands Helvellyn 1 0 1 18 0
3rd Eamon Johnson Emnon 2 0 2 190 0
4th Stuart Wilson stu99sjw 0 0 0 0 0

> The League is on hold right now.


The rules to the Red Alert League are very simple. Games are played between the League members whenever the chance arises, and for a victory you get three points. Individual games may be played with rules if the parties both agree. Examples of these are time truces, harvester treaties (HT) or "build a base then sell Construction Yard". The main rules that apply to all games are: 1) never quit a game - fight to the bloody end, 2) upon genuine disconnections or trouble with the game, the game is null and void. You replay again or reschedule or whatever. This is open to abuse, but if you claim disconnection regularly, especially nearing defeat, you can expect to be horse-whipped at a later date.

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