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11th August 2003
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Ask Jessie Wallace transcript
This event took place Tuesday 24th June 2003
Jessie Wallace Jessie Wallace
EastEnders man-eater and fiery Slater sister Kat visited the iStudio to reveal all about Alfie, Albert Square and acting...
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iPresenter Nikki: Hello World and welcome, I’m Nikki and welcome to this EastEnders Exclusive. We’re coming to you live and interactive from the BBC’s state-of-the-art iStudio in London’s Covent Garden, for what could potentially be the largest live chat broadcast in the world ever. No pressure then... Here to answer your questions, please welcome Jessie Wallace.

Question from Stuart, Kirstin, Emma, Ken, Lois, Kate, Angela, Verity, Jessica, Sarah: What is your favourite storyline so far?

Jessie Wallace: Hello everyone. Definitely the Kat and Zoe storyline. I knew Kat was Zoe's mum when we started filming so it was something to look forward to. It was a big thing to get your teeth into but it was good.

Question from Abah Mawaz; Tina; Gemma; Emma; Shabana; Lisa-Marie Gardiner; Lucy Hartshorn: Do you like the character of Kat Slater and are you anything like her?

Jessie Wallace: I love the character and I don't think I'm like her in real life ... we look alike! I love dressing up as Kat and I love the one liners. She's just a colourful character.

Question from Sian, Cardiff: What inspired you to become an actress?

Jessie Wallace: Well Shaun, I don't really know. I wanted to act when I was a kid but there were other things too. I went to drama school when I was about 25. I always got the lead in the school plays when I was younger.

Question from louise24: What is it like working with Shane Richie?

Jessie Wallace: It's great. He's a fantastic actor and person. We're really good friends in real life so it makes it so much easier. If we're doing a serious scene, he has a glint in his eye and I corpse, can't stop laughing!

Question from lisa_p: Apart from Alfie, which other EastEnders man would be a good match for Kat?

Jessie Wallace: Well Lisa, I think Jim Branning would! I don't know... the young Den maybe, if he wasn't such a rogue.

Question from Lupin: How do you cope with the constant media and public attention?

Jessie Wallace: I'm coping. It's been a lot worse than it was but it's water off a duck's back now.

Question from raymondo: Hiya Jessie, would you ever consider doing a reality TV show?

Jessie Wallace: Well Ray, no I wouldn't. I'm happy doing what I'm doing now. I like my private life to be private and I don't think I'd like a camera on me 24 hours a day. Filming EE, it can be 12 hour days if you've got a heavy storyline but it's different all the time. I'm busy at the moment but it will get quieter!

Question from lora: If you could be anyone else from EastEnders who would you be?

Jessie Wallace: I think I'd be Dot Cotton, she's great. June plays the character very well and I like Alistair McGowan's version. Ronni does me and it's funny to see someone mimicking you. I met her a while ago and I said thanks, it's great. It's very flattering.

Question from stu: Would Shane Richie be your kind of man in real life?

Jessie Wallace: Shane and me are really good friends so no. Everyone asks me that question!

Jessie Wallace "I don't know if I pull off the drunk bit convincingly enough, but I try. I think it was Charlie Chaplin who said the best way to act drunk is to play a drunk trying to behave sober."
- Jessie on acting as drunk Kat >>

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